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Any of you guys ran into Fairweather back in the day? This DC bunch released two decent, but largely forgotten records during the early 2000s and then disappeared for almost a decade before resurfacing this year with their third, self-titled album on Equal Vision Records. They're very much a product of their influences from back then, playing a style of post-hardcore long out of fashion that draws parallels to bands like Quicksand and Rival Schools. No high pitch singing or quiet/loud dynamics here, just a more emotionally charged version of 90s alternative rock where focus is on subtle, grower type guitar melodies and mid-range cleans instead.

At times, the band reach into a more melodic realm where you'll find other mid 2000s emotive rock bands like Anberlin, Park, and the newcomers in I Divide, but for the most part we're looking at a soundscape somewhere between Sparta on "Wiretap Scars" (2002), Rival Schools on "United By Fate" (2001) and Park on "No Signal" (2001). It channels this era vividly like it never disappeared, meaning you're going to need a hell of a lot of listens compared to today's poppy bands to get into what Fairweather are doing on this album. The melodies are often long-winded and awkward, delivered in similar progressive build ups as Thrice was known for during "Vheissu" in particular. "Memoria", the highlight track of "Fairweather", is one where the latter band's influence is being channeled especially in the second part of the record. "Doubt The Doubtless" is a direct throwback to Quicksand's excellent and inventive rhythmic pulsations, although played with a tad more melody in the underlying guitars.

Keeping all that in mind, if you're not paying attention "Fairweather" can quickly feel like a forgettable album. There are no obvious hooks or easy tidbits to tap you on your shoulder if you start daydreaming, but on the other hand, the songs are so much more rewarding during active-listening sessions. This leads into a bit of a conundrum: while many tracks impress through their potential longevity and built-in depth, they also often require too much effort from the listener for their own good. If you're missing the 90s style post-hardcore sound, however, then Fairweather is what you're looking for in between those Rival Schools albums.

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For the fans of: Park, Rival Schools, Quicksand, Sparta, Thrice
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Release date 01.04.2014
Equal Vision Records

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