Whatever May Come EP

Written by: PP on 21/07/2014 22:29:16

I am not a fan of putting down bands in our local scene, but sometimes a reality check is necessary. FooN, who originate from the small town of Gilleleje, are frankly terrible in every department on their debut EP "Whatever May Come", there's just no way around it. Playing some kind of weird combination of metal and hard rock, the band are not instrumentally ready to be playing other people's songs, let alone write their own, which is evident in not just the absolutely horrible songwriting but also in the incredibly untight instrumentation which makes me cringe every time I have to listen to it.

On top of that, the vocals are out of tune, lacking of any sort of melodies, and the lyrics sheet would be bleeding red if it was to be rated high school style with a red marker. As I'm listening through the songs on this record I am visibly shaken over how anyone would waste their time and money to record something like this for anyone but their own sake, which is fair enough, but god damn have a listen to what you record before you send it out to anyone else than family and friends! I feel like even Red Warszawa have written better songs than this, which isn't saying much considering they are probably the worst band in the entire world. Honestly guys, this isn't a finished product. The production is shitty, the songs sound like they were written in one take as they were being recorded, and... well, there is really nothing at all positive I can say about this release. So this is what needs to happen. This criticism must be taken seriously. Ask for feedback from other musicians in the scene before releasing something like this, because frankly, this is embarrassing.


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For the fans of: Red Warszawa, Haltefanden
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Release date 01.02.2014

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