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Written by: PP on 22/07/2014 21:55:13

Considered near royalty within the modern incarnation of ska music, Mad Caddies have been awfully quiet as of late, not having released anything since "Keep It Going" back in 2007. They're finally back though with a sixth album called "Dirty Rice", which sees the band deliver their charismatically laid back mixture of ska, punk, reggae, and rocksteady in an ever-so-consistent manner. The songs range from upbeat ska punkers like "Bring It Down" to stuff like "Shoot Out The Lights", which brings out the rocksteady with a bit of swing in the mix, ensuring there's plenty of variety to be had throughout the record.

One common theme throughout is the sublime chill out factor that dominates the record, aside from the faster tracks but these are more suited as party songs anyway Reel Big Fish style. They're also by far the catchiest songs on the record and the ones that'll get the skank pit going in their live shows, even if they are simpler and more one-dimensional compared to the other material on the record. Still, a song like "Shot In The Dark" is fun with the trombones and saxophones complementing the infectious vocal patterns and rhythmic percussion on display. "Little Town" feels like something out of the infamous Casa Bonita scene in South Park given its trumpets and latin style ska melodies. "Airplane" brings us back to ska punk with higher tempo guitar and darker vocals that recall Streetlight Manifesto's magnificent "The Hands That Thieve" and why not also Catch 22's "Permanent Revolution". Even some references to classic The Police can be heard on the background. "Callie's Song" returns us to Sublime territory with its funky guitars and reggae style vocals, and album finisher "Drinking The Night Away" is sure to be on many a rock playlist towards the end of the night in the same category as Dropkick Murphy's "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced".

Overall "Dirty Rice" is a chilled out ska album that dabbles heavily with rocksteady, swing, punk, reggae, and pretty much everything else that goes hand-in-hand with ska music. It's not a genre-defining album rather than a textbook Mad Caddies release that has made them popular in the years, even if critical acclaim has eluded them in the same manner as some of the other bands mentioned in this review. Solid, and exactly what we expected.

Download: Bring It Down, Drinking The Night Away, Shot In The Dark
For the fans of: Big D & The Kids Table, Suburban Legends, Streetlight Manifesto
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Release date 13.05.2014
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