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Barefoot And Pregnant

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The Dollyrots are a no frills pop punk duo based in Los Angeles featuring Kelly Odgen on bass/vocals and Luis Cabezas on guitar/backing vocals. On their fifth album "Barefoot And Pregnant" they overload on the pop element resulting into a sound that can appropriately be addressed as 'bubblegum pop punk' thanks to the innocent and softly sung vocals of Kelly that together with the simple riffs make the simplistic expression rather wonderful to listen to.

That is, until you start paying attention to the lyrics, because they're not for the faint hearted. Bordering on the offensive and definitely shocking, there are moments where Kelly is shouting from the top of her voice "I'm baaaareeefooot and pregnant now! / Labor and delivery / Hi umm is it normal to have contractions while I'm singing?", but it works as a contrasting element to the ridiculous amount of pop embedded within their expression. Bands like Candy Hearts, The Donnas and of course The Soviettes come to mind to varying degree throughout the album, whereas the overall mood and tongue-in-cheek factor resembles recent material by Mixtapes quite a bit. So yeah, we're dealing with basic pop punk where complexities have been ironed out for catchy verses and even catchier choruses, although the number of highlights on the record isn't exactly high.

"Stupidly In Love" demands a sing along, and "Get Weird" has a rather unusual rhythm to it which makes it work, but elsewhere the band sources a little too much from mid 90s Green Day songs ("Bury Me In Ireland" sounds like something off "Nimrod" minus the vocals) for my taste. But then again, originality isn't what The Dollyrots are going for here either, which is okay, because their point has been just to write catchy pop punk with female vocals, nothing more, nothing less.

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For the fans of: Candy Hearts, Mixtapes, The Donnas, The Soviettes
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Release date 25.02.2014

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