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You know, the good thing about doing reviews is that you get to find out about bands you’ve never heard of before, in the hope they live up to the press blog that usually comes accompanied in a nice little file, to tell us all about what the band or individual are like. This one encompasses a group from Essex called Another Dead Hero, who have been around since 2003 and have had numerous member changes, but the album we have for us to look at is a re-release from 2013. Trouble is; I don’t think it quite lives up to the excitement the press release is giving me.

I’m going to be upfront about this album. For a band who list their influences as Deftones, Korn and in-particular, Rage Against the Machine, I don’t feel the same level of passion or interest as I do from the aforementioned groups. Normally I’ll try and listen to an album a few times and give my opinion and trust me I’m not lying when I say I’ve TRIED to listen to “Dystopia” a couple of times, but I feel like my interest dissipates with each listen and I sadly cannot get into it that much.

The intro gives you a bit of hope and makes you think there could be something pretty cool coming, but then the real album begins. “Change the Game” is a simple riff with some simple drum fills and a vocal that is a perfect example of how to eat a microphone. Sometimes keeping things streamlined and not making them complex can be a good thing, but in this case I just don’t know what to make of it. Even after a few listens I have no idea as to what he’s saying in the slightest. As for the chorus, the constant shouting of “SHUT YOUR F*&^ING MOUTH” is accompanied by a wailing sound that actually sounds out of key the higher he goes.

Anyway, second song now. It’s another case of being too simple and once I hear a few songs being like this I begin to think this is a case of either laziness or a band that haven’t quite got to that refined stage yet. It does have a sound of “Rage” to give them credit, but the vocal work again lets things down. It just doesn’t seem to have the strength to carry the conviction it needs to. It results in a song that you could have easily heard anywhere else and this is a shame. I don’t like to hear stuff that is so generic in the metal genre, but this is what it is.

As you listen to the rest of the album, you begin to realise it just goes through the same motion. I would normally understand if this was a first album and everyone is still a bit rough around the edges, but even though there have been some musical chairs during Another Dead Hero's life, it shouldn’t be like this. The chords in the songs are pretty structured and standard fare and don’t have that life about them you’d expect. The passion just doesn’t come across when you listen to the music. Take “System” for example. Other than the chorus, which in itself is a repetition, all you hear throughout the track is one riff repeated until worn out. Add to that a vocalist who just cannot give the songs the life they require and you just don’t feel the urge to listen again. This, dear reader, is my problem.

The rest of this “Dystopia” really does not fare any better, to be honest. ”Bullshit” does have a decent instrumental section two thirds of the way through, but other than that it’s mostly ONE CHORD the whole way through with a deviation only there out of sympathy. “I Don’t Care” does show some positive signs when it heads into the slower and less angst ridden parts and shows that there is talent there, but there simply isn’t enough of it throughout to entertain. That is what saddens me more than anything, as they have the ability to do some good bits, but it isn’t anywhere near often enough. By the way, there are some horrendously out of tune vocals half way through to prove the point.

“Infection” tries to sound like something Disturbed would have done and it doesn’t work as well as you’d hope. “Stoner” does sound good on occasion and does show that simplicity can be ok and I’d say this is the best of what is on offer. Some nice build up in the verse and a decent riff allow for an ok effort. Not memorable, but at least it is something you can listen to more than once. Their NIN influence is in the form of Dubstep infused track “Control MK II” and is actually the best thing on the album. Instrumental throughout and showing that there are some directions Another Dead Hero can actually go to, you begin to become pleased and disappointed at the same time. Pleased in the fact they can do some cool stuff, but equally disappointed because it doesn’t happen enough. “Remember This” is ironic in title because you don’t want to and “Fist Full Of Anger” is in the same boat.

The best way to sum up this album is by using the only track I haven’t mentioned, in the form of “Feed Me Your Lies”. There are those moments that make things sound good and you just start to like them until the bad stuff takes over and destroys your interest. There just isn’t enough on offer here to keep you locked in and wanting to go through it again and that is such a pity. I would have to call this a forgettable album because I know I certainly won’t go back to it after 6 hours, let alone 6 weeks or months later and that is the greatest shame of all because we really do need a band like Rage Against the Machine in such a politically driven era like right now and they would have a good chance of making a name for themselves. Another Dead Hero are making a name, just maybe not the one they were hoping for.


Download: Control MK II, Stoner
For The Fans Of: Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, Korn

Release date 13.10.2014
Self Released

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