Among Giants

Back And Forth EP

Written by: PP on 04/09/2014 23:03:41

Among Giants is a fairly straightforward punk rock band from Orlando, Florida with some indie-rock flavor to their expression. They stay away from bullshit and complex song structures, and instead rely on a very relaxed and laid back delivery that recalls the likes of Cheap Girls on new four-track EP "Back And Forth", that follows a string of splits and a debut album released earlier.

Just over eight minutes is what we have to work with here, but that's enough for Among Giants to make a positive impression. Opener "Cats & Ferrets" sets the tone with its chilled out vibe and distorted, dirty guitars, basically showcasing what Among Giants sound like in a quick two and a half-minute session. Sometimes the vocals get louder and shouty, but most of the time they are almost spoken-wordish in their delivery. Later, highlight "Art School" brings a Junior Battles vibe from their "Idle Ages"-era with a similar lyrical theme, even if we're nowhere near as emotional in terms of delivery nor style. Here, the vocals do take a turn into rawer direction once again, which gives the band some character.

All four tracks in general are decent indie-flavored punk rock, without being spectacular or particularly noteworthy on their own. At eight minutes the record just goes by too fast to leave an impression, other than a suggestion that Among Giants can write subtle, unassuming tunes with nicely ringing melodies. Looking forward to hearing more in the future.

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Release date 22.04.2014

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