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Though Hope Is Frail

Written by: PP on 25/09/2014 23:02:49

It's been two and a half years since Justin Hate debuted on the Copenhagen metallic hardcore scene with a punishing, if somewhat identity-lacking debut EP "Wandering Deathbird" EP. The objective with debut album "Though Hope Is Frail" therefore should've been to establish a recognizable sound that Justin Hate can call their own. Instead, what we get is a noisy, monotonous piece of metallic hardcore that carries all the tell-tale signs of the dreaded Danish metal releases. That is, an album where the objective has simply been to grate your face off with a blunt object rather than to focus on effective songwriting.

Although there are moments on "Though Hope Is Frail" which impress - particularly the brooding and absolutely uncompromising wall of pure noise that is "Northern Apocalypse", as a whole the record is forgettable and monotonous thanks to an entirely unvaried and unmelodic scream that stays unchanged for the duration of the entire album. Yes, this record is relentless, ravaging, and grating in its soundscape, but just because it's fucking heavy doesn't automatically make it good. Here, Justin Hate show just why that is the case: songs which aren't necessarily bad because of a good tempo and some decent guitar work, but at the same time you wouldn't be able to spit out a title or remember a melody even if the band had a knife at your throat in a dark alley demanding you to recount songs from the middle section of the album. "The End Is Dear" is another high point, though, and here the opposite is the case: because the band goes over-the-top brutal, the song's abrasive qualities make it work relatively well on the album. It's a thin line between writing a good song that is motherfucking heavy and an average song that is motherfucking heavy.

In the end, "Though Hope Is Frail" is one of those albums that's okay to listen to - meaning it doesn't piss you off - but one you don't exactly seek out and pop it on as your evening entertainment. The desire to sound uncompromising and brutal hinders songwriting big time here, because on occasion, there are glimpses of something better than just spot on mediocrity present on this album.

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Release date 01.06.2014

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