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Having just reviewed the latest release by Illdisposed, it feels only natural to stay in the same genre, within the same country, and within bands whose vocalist's first name is Bo. Deus Otiosus from Copenhagen have reached their third full-length with "Rise", which proves that the band are just as able to churn out quality death metal releases as their much older contemporaries. The only difference is that Deus Otiosus' interpretation of death metal is more traditional and mostly devoid of melodeath references, relying on technical riffage contrasting rapid-fire blastbeats in the best Morbid Angel and Immolation style. Oh, and it's much better in comparison on pretty much all counts.

For starters, the riff composition by the band is great. Almost all songs have a recognizable riff structure that stays true to the genre definition. While not necessarily catchy in the same sense as Illdisposed's melodeath leads, Deus Otiosus manage to pack heavy amounts of groove into their guitars that just oozes evil on each listen. It's relatively fast-paced despite its technicality, which gives the songs their steady, rumbling vibe that's complemented by the thick, guttural growls by vocalist Bo Rasmussen. A great example can be found on album highlight "Iron Rule", which is delivered at thrash metal speeds whilst advanced fretwork ensures the guitar soundscape is as interesting as the pummeling drums on the background. And like most other tracks on record, it's not just about serpentine riffs rather than an intelligently written and varied approach to the guitar composition in general. This is what sets Deus Otiosus apart from so many of their more generic peers. Despite playing the genre by the book, they execute it tightly with precision, and with enough solid riffs to make it an interesting listen throughout.

In that sense "Rise" is just like its predecessor "Godless" from last year. Quality death metal for the traditionalists in the genre played just in the way you want your death metal to be played. It offers no surprises, nor does it need to. This isn't about advancement of the genre or experimenting on different interpretations of it. Pure, badass death metal with great riffs and evil growls.

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For the fans of: Morbid Angel, Immolation, Sectu
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Release date 10.06.2014

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