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Evil Doings of an Evil Kind EP

Written by: BV on 02/10/2014 18:53:53

The Janitors have been around the psych scene for a good while now, so it really wasn't a surprise when initially stumbling upon their magnificent album “Drone Head”, that I made it a top priority for myself to catch the band at Copenhagen Psych Fest a few months back. However, schedule slips and a general sense of confusion on my behalf led me to miss the majority of their set – eventually only catching a single track before they left the stage. With that particular experience still eluding me (although not for long, hopefully) I opted for reviewing their latest release – an EP titled “Evil Doings of An Evil Kind”.

Opening track “Greed” is exactly what it makes itself out to be – greedy. It takes up more than 8 minutes of the EP with a droning riff that practically demands attention due to its ominous nature and the hypnotic simplicity of it. The sporadic and sparse vocals are attention-grabbing in a strange way, as they do not really encourage any sort of sing-along action or, well, anything similar for that matter. Instead they serve as a mantra for the track – being the anchor that keeps the listener grounded while the track drones off into oblivion with 8 minutes becoming an undiscernible amount of time – in both good and bad ways, depending on your general attitude towards music that consists of lengthy drones.

“Here They Come” is the menacing highlight of the EP, as the acidic guitar leads sear through the thick veil of drone sounds – piercing your consciousness and embeds the track as disturbingly catchy when, above all, it really doesn’t make up for the typical ‘hit’. However, its foreboding lyrics, detailing various ominous scenarios while repeatedly returning to the phrase “Evil Doings of an Evil Kind” as the go-to mantra of the track, do hold some sort of spellbinding power which, accompanied by the exceptionally fitting vocal delivery, compliments the acidic wall of guitars in the best way imaginable. “Here They Come” is the sound of The Janitors at their best, while tracks like “Greed” and “Black Wheel” display a side of The Janitors which, albeit hugely fascinating, occasionally falls short of those really menacing musical moments reminiscent of the worst, most all-encompassing and frightening bad trips you could imagine.

Whilst not entirely reaching the impeccable highs of “Drone Head”, The Janitors have still managed to follow up on the effort with a highly intriguing EP that continues their promising sounds and helps set them further apart from the contemporary psych scene, with their utterly sinister sounds that seem to have long since abandoned the notion of happy hippie nostalgia.

Download: Here They Come, There Will Be Blood
For The Fans Of: Dead Skeletons, The Black Angels, The Cult of Dom Keller

Release date 22.09.2014
Bad Afro Records

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