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Redemption EP

Written by: EL on 15/10/2014 15:57:40

There must be something in the water down in Bridgend, Wales, as it doesn’t seem to stop producing incredible talent. Metal/hardcore band Set To Break have certainly got a promising future ahead of them should "Redemption" EP be anything to go by. Having only been founded in 2012 these guys recently toured with UK legends Martyr Defiled, which in itself is no small feat.

Upon hearing their EP for the first time I was totally taken aback by the fact that this was just an EP, because it leaves you wanting to hear more. The intro track, “Lost”, is a soft, melodic tune that is layered with what sounds like a sorrowful church choir. It starts off gently with soft twang of a quiet guitar and background beat of a drum. Slowly the beat and sound pick up and rise into an abrupt, rude awakening of awesome sound with an undertone of a heavy bass-line and the intense vocals of George Ross, which sound like he’s screaming from somewhere deep within himself, hiding a tortured soul or something.

The intro sets you up nicely for the next song, “Made To Suffer”, which rips away any sort of softness you heard from the first track. It’s abrasive, has intricate guitar riffs, brutal breakdowns and truly heavy vocals. “Paid Pride” continues the ear blasting with a slightly slower paced track though it is no less ruthless in sound. I can totally imagine this song having a savage impact at a live show. It is so ferocious and remorseless it makes me want to rip my throat out and throw down so hard my head touches the ground. The guitar melodies are so wonderfully put together, they make quite an impact upon hearing them. Adding tracks like “Ulterior Motives” and “Khan” to the mix, Set To Break seem to have figured out what sets them apart from the rest as they hold their own sound above the rest. It’s true that the EP does demonstrate a lot of repetitiveness and can be somewhat clichéd at times, but it still sits apart from the oversaturated masses of metalcore bands we all know so well.

Their EP closer, “Bermuda”, is a gargantuan ending to what was already a great EP for me. This song puts the rest of the album into an unrelentingly explosive nutshell. It’s the perfect ending to a solid EP.


Download: Bermuda, Khan
For The Fans Of: While She Sleeps, Parkway Drive

Release date 17.03.2014
Imperial Music

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