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Cost Of Living

Written by: EL on 25/10/2014 18:42:07

With their first full album release, Former Monarchs have whipped up a small storm with their alt-rock/indie/post-hardcore mash-up. The Cork quartet have already demonstrated their hypnotic stage presence as well as their dynamic and intricately thought out music writing process over the past year and with renowned Producer Christian Best behind them, it was obvious that this album would start making waves for them.

The album features a wide range of dynamic variables adding an exciting musical palette that is filled with endearing upbeat, guitar twangs and many, many echoed harmonies as well as the use of electronic beats littered throughout the album. You can tell that a lot of careful thought has gone into the shaping of this album, especially when you’ve listened to it a couple of times. There are so many intriguing layers that it takes more than a few listens to fully understand and appreciate each song.

There’s a very airy and textured atmosphere throughout the album, and at times it feels like you’re just sitting inside a great garage jam. “Birdsong” reflects the sorrowful theme from the book of the same name. It fills you with images of soldiers marching into a sad, unnecessary battle, filled with an angry and melancholic rhythm. Suddenly we are no longer listening to an alt-rock, indie album but we find ourselves listening to an alt-rock, indie AND post-hardcore album. And it works. “Battlelines” again presents us with a huge range of harmonies and political musings that challenge your ears with deep reflections and beliefs.

“Mori” is a song that really captivates your imagination. It’s a beautiful construction of poetry and possibly the most powerful song on the album. The guitars’ mathematical dimensions and in-depth percussive nature of this song is what struck me the most. With such incredible dexterity and variety throughout this album, it’s unsurprising that this Cork quartet have found themselves as a firm favourite of this years up and coming bands.


Download: Origins, Birdsong, Battlelines
For The Fans Of: And So I Watch You From Afar, Fighting With Wire

Release date 24.03.2014
Mountains Of Records

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