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Langt Ude Nu EP

Written by: BV on 27/10/2014 21:20:30

It’s fascinating to experience times like these where a genre you adore, in my case it would psych, seems to be blossoming in ways unimaginable. Seemingly everyone tries their luck by approaching the sounds of psych for the time being and Dør Nr. 13 is really no different when all is said and done. Well, there is a minor difference, I guess, when one takes into consideration that the main man behind the slightly schizophrenic project, Lasse Storm, is seemingly a veteran musician who has previously been associated with acts like Sha La Las, The Setting Son and other outfits. “Langt Ude Nu” is the title of the first official Dør Nr. 13 release and as such, it also has various kinks to address at what I believe is still a relatively early stage of the project.

Opening with “Solfald”, there is something strangely eerie and alluring to the soundscape. A single gritty guitar initially lures in the listener, ultimately introducing said listener to a full-blown downer trip with echoing, acidic guitar leads and a gloomily heavy rhythmical foundation. The lyrics have an airy, ethereal quality to them and one does not exactly need to understand Danish to get the idea of where the soundscape seems to be going. The lead guitar rings with beautifully echoing, crunchy notes and leaves me thinking that this track is indeed very promising.

Continuing on to the single, “På Trip”, which was apparently played on Danish radio channel P6, the soundscape takes on a slightly different approach with its nearly whimsical sounds and a quirky set of lyrics about taking a trip, hinting quite clearly at the drug cultures people often seem to associate with this spectrum of music. Although the track possesses some of the same immediate qualities as “Solfald”, it would seem that “På Trip” and the following two tracks “Tager Dig med” and “Fyr Op!” are not yet as fully fleshed out, nor as cleverly written as the immersive “Solfald”.

It’s a fair starting point for Dør Nr. 13, all in all, but in order for it to become more than just interesting, the project sorely needs to write songs of the same caliber (or higher) as “Solfald” as the immediate sense of a bad trip, coupled with the alluring production immediately caught my attention. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds for Dør Nr. 13.

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Release date 29.09.2014
Langt Ude Records

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