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So ever since comic-writer The Oatmeal mentioned Nikola Tesla in a comic, I've had this weird obsession with everything Tesla - so when I realized there was a band playing (sometimes science-themed) hard rock bearing the Tesla name I was glued to youtube for about half an hour. Surprisingly as I also found out these rockers were still well... rocking, I took it upon myself to check it out in all seriousness. Unfortunately it seems the only “Tesla” rocking these days is an electric two-wheeler from California.

First off: 15 tracks! Unless you are the Beethoven of classic rock and every single song is a masterpiece that will stand the tooth of time like the pyramids of Giza, I am a firm believer in "less is more". Given that the album title is "Simplicity" I was frighteningly close to using my first ever Merriam-Webster “definition” here, but if the irony hasn't hit you yet it probably never will. I however decided to think positive and let the simplicity find foot somewhere else - it probably was a reference to something after all - albeit not an inspiration for the track list. But slowly I realized that rather than the deliberate "simplicity" something more like "simple" would have been more fitting.

With this Tesla succeeds at least - being simple. The album consist of very straight-forward, no-bullshit mid-tempo classic rock. But as "simple" can be used positively as in "no-frills", this album quickly reads "mundane" at best, "boring" if honest. If I sound disappointed, it's simply because I am. I don't expect genre bands to break the mold, but at least it is fair to expect these bands to master their genre. But all the way through "Simplicity" Tesla never utilize the power of classic rock - there's a general lack of energy, nerve and most importantly ass-kicking guitar motifs. We are briefly visited by harmonizing electric guitars on “MP3”, but they’re not carried anywhere by a dark, lazy verse. Where is the band that created the rebellious "So What!" or the pulsating "I Wanna Live"? In all musical technicality I suppose I can't hold anything against "Simplicity" - but really we listen to music for more than just congratulating people on having learned to play an instrument. I want to be moved, or yeah... rocked! And I don’t think I have ever felt as un-entertained by a classic rock band before.


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For The Fans Of: Cinderella, Damn Yankees, Slaughter
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Release date 06.06.2014
Frontiers Records/Tesla Electric Company Recording

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