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Written by: PP on 03/12/2014 23:33:04

If you've ever felt like forcing your head through an upright cheese grater throughout 47 minutes, you might feel right at home with Trap Them's latest album "Blissfucker" that was released by Prosthetic two months ago. The band play a particularly razor-sharp brand of metallic hardcore that follows grindcore ideals in its desire to tear down everything in sight at breakneck speed, resulting in a relentless, uncompromising, tearing soundscape that's certainly not for the faint hearted nor those who don't enjoy some serious amounts of edge in their music.

With Kurt Ballou behind the knobs, it's no surprise to find close parallels to the merciless destruction of Converge records, but it's also possible to find comparisons to bands like Celeste, Hexis, Rise And Fall, This Routine Is Hell, and Black Breath among other metallic hardcore bands that just don't take no for an answer. The riffs are fierce, the distortion-laden screams piercing, and the whole expression feels like forcefully shoving razor wire down your throat at its most friendly incarnation. That said, songs like "Gift And Gift Unsteady" offer a way in to the dirty, brutal world of Trap Them, given its Converge style brooding but nonetheless interesting lead riffs catching your attention in their distorted glory.

For most the album, though, it's all about pummeling the listener with nails in their eyes, ears, and chest at maximum power and volume, with little disregard to basic songwriting elements like melody, interesting passages, or anything else that could separate Trap Them from a thousand other metallic hardcore bands doing exactly the same thing. Alas, "Blissfucker" is a razor-sharp experience but leaves you with no remarkable traits; chances are this album will be forgotten come January next year.


Download: Gift And Gift Unsteady, Salted Crypts, Organic Infernal
For the fans of: Converge, Celeste, Hexis, Rise And Fall, This Routine Is Hell, Black Breath
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Release date 06.10.2014

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