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Passing Ends EP

Written by: PP on 12/12/2014 21:38:55

'Defend pop punk' phenomenon Man Overboard are one of the most active bands in the genre when it comes to release schedule. Since their debut EP in 2008, they've released three full-lengths, two compilation albums, seven splits or EPs, and a live album thus averaging more than one release per year. Whilst we are waiting for their 2015 album to surface, they've put out a semi-acoustic EP called "Passing Ends" which combines somber acoustic pop punk tracks with standard Man Overboard full band tracks over the course of five songs.

Opening track "Twenty Years" is a primarily acoustic guitar led singer-songwriter version of the band's pop punk with their quintessential nasal / angsty vocals layered on top. It passes by relatively unnoticed compared to the much louder full band title track, "Passing Ends", which is also a little more melancholic than we're used to hearing from this band. Similarly, "Stood Up" has a tone of sadness attached to it. Even though the band's songs have always been sappy and less sugar-coated than their brighter pop punk peers, the tracks on this EP take it to a whole new level, perhaps because of the lack of electric guitar masking the angsty tone in the vocals. This is arguably best seen on the acoustic version of "Secret Pain" from 2013's "Heart Attack", which sounds like a totally different song when it's delivered with acoustic guitar and vocals only.

But as you go through "Passing Ends" EP it becomes clear why none of these have appeared on their full-length records instead. They sound much like songs written by the band on the tour bus with a simple acoustic guitar that they wanted to share with their fans out of good heart, not to make any kind of bridge between two particular full-lengths. Therefore, "Passing Ends" is more suitable for completionist Man Overboard collectors than as an introduction to the band. Not only are the songs weaker and less interesting in acoustic form, they are also extremely emo in their tone, drowning in their own sadness and melancholy at least sound wise. I'd stick to their full-lengths and skip this one.


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For the fans of: The Story So Far, Transit, New Found Glory
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Release date 28.10.2014
Rude Records / Lost Tape Collective

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