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Do you remember when you first heard Alkaline Trio's debut album "Goddamnit" in all its glitchy, melodramatic glory? It was a gleeful sound with raw melodies purposefully left rough around the edges to give it a punk overlay that resonated with so many people at the time? Well, here's a record by a Brooklyn based band called Living Room, who use a similar starting point whilst adding in Midwestern emo influence into the mix. The resulting soundscape is a lively, buzzing one with plenty of noisy guitars and loud vocals, jammed with complex melodies jarred in rough croons that recall the melodic chaos that is Joyce Manor overall.

The vocals are shouted in a melodic, yet distinctly emotional manner, which creates the lively and slightly chaotic expression that's drenched in sheer joy of playing and buzzing energy throughout. It also means the record is initially a challenging listen as the melodies are slightly more progressive and depth-laden than is usual for this genre, here recalling Moneen's songwriting in the process. There's a whole lot of going on at the same time from technical fretwork to rhythmic percussion to explosive vocals, so it's easy to get distracted especially when the whole expression is loaded with noise at the same time. But once you get through the filter, you'll start recognizing the melodic gems that hide underneath the raw surface. "Casual Science", for instance, is played in a frantic manner but contains basically a melody explosion inside that makes it a highlight track on the album. Similarly, "Out Of Love" reaches almost into screaming, whilst delivering a memorable's too bad the song finishes abruptly because it could've been the best track on the record. Instead, we have "The Physics Of Intention" with a strong melody, and "About Time" later on absolutely drenched in raw emotion. But essentially, all songs are driven by pure passion and joy for writing and playing punk rock with an emotional twist, so they captivate the listener if for nothing else then the positive energy such an attitude to playing your songs results in.

Overall, Living Room aren't necessarily creating anything original, but much like Moneen and Joyce Manor before them, "Moonchaser" is a showcase of just how much you can do when your expression is rammed with pure emotion and buzzing energy.


Download: Casual Science, Aura Camera, About Time, The Physics Of Intention
For the fans of: Joyce Manor, You Blew It!, Tenement, Alkaline Trio, Moneen
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Release date 19.08.2014

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