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Written by: PP on 22/12/2014 22:39:56

Campaign from Atlanta is always going to have a special place in my soul thanks to their brilliant EP "Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!" from 2009, which basically sounded like a perfect cross between the anthemic sing along melodies of Red City Radio and the gravelly punk of Hot Water Music's best albums. They've been rather inconsistent in their songwriting, however, toying with different styles over the course of their other EPs ranging from the hardcore-rooted "The Black Album" EP to the straight up basement punk style presented on "It Likes To Party" EP.

For their next EP, the eight-track "Enemies" this inconsistency rears its ugly head once again as the eight tracks on the record range from the almost comically bad metallic soloing on "Clear A Path" to the super catchy, upbeat and fun "Happier Than Me". Together with following track "Chorus Of Defeat", the band incorporate some skate punk influence to their gravelly basement punk soundscape that draws equally much from Midwestern bands as it does from anyone and everyone playing at FEST, but none of that matters when only a few songs on the record are worth writing home about.

Otherwise, the EP feels amateurish and almost entirely lacks the great dynamics we heard on "Beetlejuice!" EP. That EP suggested Campaign was the next band to explode to a wider audience via sweaty, intimate but passionate showings at FEST each year. What happened, guys? The last couple of EPs have been less than stellar, and although "Enemies" is better than the awful "The Black Album" EP, it's not that by a very large margin. Most songs leave a nothingsaying feeling with lackluster melodies, which are not exactly helped by the sub par production that leaves vocals and the instruments unbalanced in the mix.

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Release date 22.07.2014

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