Clouds Surround & Breathe

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Now here's a band with an ambitious mission: to merge together post-rock and hardcore into something that makes sense. Hailing from Wolverhampton, UK, Haze give their best interpretation on how that might sound like on debut album "Clouds Surround & Breathe", although the extent in which hardcore is being utilized is grounds for an argument on its own. They establish their case for post-rock and post-metal on opening track "Colure", which is a little over two and a half minutes of all instrumental, post-metallic beauty with an intricately constructed buildup that gets more voluminous as the song goes forward. Hereafter, on "I Can't Help But Get Lost", we get harsh, screamed vocals on top, but it's certainly not hardcore as you might expect on a Madball album rather than something akin to the post-hardcore shrieks found on early work by Poison The Well before they turned into avant-garde art metal band on "Versions".

Instead, the band utilize a similarly despaired, tormented coarse scream as bands like Touché Amoré and many others from the 'wave' style screamo scene, and contrast it with a spacious atmosphere full of post-metal tendencies. The music is often beautiful and soft like post-rock, but these are mere lulls in a soundscape that morphs into heavy barrages of post-metallic riffage moments after. The screams are often prolonged and partially nostalgia-driven, leaving behind a slow, brooding atmosphere overall that could be absolutely brilliant if it had more key moments to captivate its listener. For now, the songs often drag on too long, such as on "Forma", where minimalistic lead guitar is contrasted by high-end tremolo on the background for what feels like forever with screams delivered in repetitive rhythms before the climax finally arrives in a song that simply should've been executed in less than five minutes.

Fortunately, the band deliver a mesmerizing trilogy of songs to close the record with "i. Like Glass", "ii. Skies Fluctuate & Fall", and "iii. Clouds Surround & Breathe", a challenging group of tracks that bring to mind art metal bands given their complexion melody-wise and lengthy construction overall. The latter obviously stems from post-rock influence, but one can't help but think if these songs wouldn't have been better executed with more urgency and immediacy in the vein of Touché Amoré or even older Pianos Become The Teeth material instead?

Download: I Can't Help But Get Lost, i. Like Glass, ii. Skies Fluctuate & Fall, iii. Clouds Surround & Breathe
For the fans of: Poison The Well, Russian Circles, Pianos Become The Teeth
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Release date 10.08.2014
Frail Abuse Records

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