Do You Even Want Anything?

Written by: PP on 28/12/2014 23:29:12

Ah, the fuzzy, buzzing, distorted guitar sound that was popularized by the vivid soundscapes of Superchunk during the 90s. It's accessible and highly melodic, yet usually encompasses the expression with a joy of playing and a positive energy that few other bands can match. That's probably why there are so many artists today with a sound that draws its inspiration directly from the 90s legends, this band included. Viewfinder, who are located in Boone, North Carolina, deliver a similarly fuzzy expression full of warmth and garage undertones on debut album "Do You Even Want Anything?", and they do it rather well.

Opting for a very basic alternative rock style, Viewfinder's songs also recall bands like Weezer and Dinosaur Jr in the process. The vocals are light and simplistic, but fit well on top of the guitar buzz that's the primary focal point of the album. "You Suck", "Orbs & Ooze" are both surprisingly catchy and enjoyable listens despite their basic choruses and low-key guitar melodies. Likewise, the indie-flavor present on "Move To Canada" is an instant winner given how it resembles the charming, albeit more emo-driven style of Tigers Jaw. Overall, the record is stacked with good songs during its course. It's also a very uniform album with the same guitar tone used throughout, which helps enshrine the warm, fuzzy feeling from song to song, which is only fortified by the uptempo approach to songwriting used in general.

This creates one problem for Viewfinder, though. Although the songs are all pretty good, they're missing a couple of centerpieces that the album could build around. For now, most of the songs sound fairly similar and use the same kind of vocal melodies for the verses and choruses. It's decent, but lacks the 'wow' factor.


Download: White Walls, Move To Canada, You Suck, Orbs & Ooze
For the fans of: Superchunk, Weezer, Dinosaur Jr, Lawnmower, Hüsker Dü, Tigers Jaw
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Release date 29.07.2014
Self Aware Records

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