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Let Go Lightly EP

Written by: LF on 31/12/2014 15:01:18

From Windsor, UK we have the young band You Win Again Gravity who have already come far in creating their own sound. The "Let It Go Lightly" EP is their third and the second one they release this year, the first one being "Brightly Coloured Landscapes". It consists of fifteen minutes of interesting and catchy music divided over three individual tracks that blend post-hardcore and djent with math rock and melodic elements.

This is certainly a band that get around musically in their songs and not one moment is boring on this EP. The first track "Composer" is my favorite by a tiny margin and from the very first verse with its mathy guitar riffs and heavy groundwork it's entirely impossible to sit still. While the screams are ferocious but also tend to be a little anonymous, the soaring clean vocal melodies in this song have an atmospheric softness in them that in certain places reminds me more than anything of Charlie Simpson of Fightstar fame - not a bad trait in a new band at all.

Next song, "Snakes On Paper", has a heart-tugging chorus-melody but mostly stands out in the way it takes the song down about midway with a subdued and precise beat underneath lush guitar riffs. There are delicious details spread around it in the vocals as well, as little curls grace the end of words and a distinct, defiant and British pronunciation builds character for the song. Yet it falls slightly short compared to the other two songs here. Last but certainly not least we have "Skyline". It leaps into the fray with echoing screams that build a thrilling atmosphere before the song takes off with a grandiose chorus that also slows down the pace of the song. Even as the transition happens almost too suddenly this works fairly well and it's understandable why they chose this as their single.

It's near impossible to not start this very well-produced EP right over after each listen, perhaps because the first song on it stands stronger and stronger the more I listen to it. There's ambition written all over this EP and I'm really looking forward to the day these guys release a full-length because fifteen minutes of their music is just not enough. I'm confident that it would be just as dynamic as what they showcase here as this release is already bursting at the seams with ever expanding energy, even as there are bits and pieces that they can still work on perfecting before shooting to the top of the charts.

Download: Composer, Skyline
For The Fans Of: Oceansize, Misery Signals, Finch

Release date 24.11.2014

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