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Straight Up Bad Luck

Written by: PP on 07/01/2015 00:08:23

Wow, are we back to 2007 or what? Bad Case Of Big Mouth are turning back the clocks to the origins of easycore, recalling everything from the legendary pop-hardcore record "Get Stoked On It!" by The Wonder Years (which they have since disowned) to the original A Day To Remember records before they turned fully metalcore with their sound. With t-shirts like "DEFEND MOSH PITS" (poking fun at Man Overboard's defend pop punk theme), ridiculous song titles like "A Fistfight With Bambi", and catchphrases like "Stay Posi Brah!", you can form your opinion about whether these guys click for you without even listening to a single tune of theirs in advance.

Basically, if you're not ready to have fun, you might as well stop reading at this point. Through crunchy riffage and an overload of bouncy rhythms and sugar-coated keyboard melodies, Bad Case Of Big Mouth take us through the core principles of easycore / pop-hardcore on their new album "Straight Up Bad Luck". From the multicolored and cartoonish artwork to the screamed passages, the band showcase how to properly have fun with your sound without coming across as tacky or dated in the process. It's pop-hardcore to its core: a super upbeat expression, plenty of crunchy breakdowns designed to create maximum potential for some moshercising, and ultra poppy synth melodies leading the charge (again, think "Get Stoked On It!" or perhaps an early Motion City Soundtrack record here). The songs are immensely fun to listen to, thanks to the band's deliberate excess use of, well, pretty much every element to make it sound as over the top as possible (I mean look at the pizza monster and dancing toothbrush on the artwork?). Better yet, the chorus sections are infectious like the plague, gluing themselves to your memory instantly and oftentimes having you singing along before you even reach the end of the first passage on your first listen.

Yes, it's riddled with cliché elements like gang shouts, screams, breakdowns, and everything else pop-hardcore bands have been toying with for the better part of the last decade or so. But it's also really catchy, and most importantly, one of the funnest records to have come out in 2014. If you don't like this, you probably don't like being launched off giant slip'n'slides or anything else fun and adrenaline-based.


Download: A Fistfight With Bambi, From The Shallow End Of The Gene Pool, Sweet Chin Music, The Fastest Headbutt This Side Of The Mississippi
For the fans of: A Day To Remember, (old) The Wonder Years, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, Veara
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Release date 19.08.2014

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