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Mr. Face EP

Written by: BV on 19/01/2015 20:27:33

2014 saw the release of Ty Segall’s most critically acclaimed record as of yet. The massive sounding “Manipulator” melded all of the various characteristics associated with Segall into one solid and defining piece of work. What most people tend to overlook though, is the gem of an album that preceded it – the acoustic “Sleeper”. Through “Sleeper”, we heard Segall at his most melancholic and vulnerable, whilst “Manipulator” explored the wilder, devil-may-care aspects of Segall and imbued them with a breathtaking level of craftsmanship in terms of the songwriting. Kicking off 2015, Segall returns with an EP that seeks to bridge the gap between “Sleeper” and “Manipulator”.

Opening with the boogieing acoustic title track, “Mr. Face”, it is evident that Segall’s need for the music to be fast and straight to the point has not diminished even the tiniest bit. What is interesting, however, is to hear him fulfilling this need via acoustic guitars (and the sporadic fuzzy lead line). It’s a welcome bridge between his acoustic efforts and his love for hauntingly fuzzy guitar and bass sounds. With “Drug Mugger” the listener gets invited in to a soundscape quite reminiscent of “Manipulator”, as well as earlier work a la “Slaughterhouse” or even “Melted”. It’s quite frankly a very catchy track with a simple melody that has a tendency to get stuck in your head for hours, even days, constantly popping up when trying so desperately to focus on getting some actual work done.

The urgency and immediate attention-grabbing is both the strength and weakness of the EP. Tracks like “Drug Mugger” are an absolute delight, however “Mr. Face” and “Circles” have a tendency to leave your immediate consciousness the moment they conclude – at least until you’ve listened to them more than ten times. Like the majority of the material from Segall’s hands, the four tracks that make up this EP are quite short and concise – leaving it a somewhat shallow pleasure (but a pleasure nonetheless) to ”only” be offered these few tracks. Looking back at the prolificacy of Segall, however, this might just be the beginning of yet another highly prolific year. We’ll see what it brings.


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For the fans of: Thee Oh Sees, White Fence, Mikal Cronin
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Release date 13.01.2015
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