Let It All Burn EP

Written by: PP on 17/02/2015 20:13:22

Copenhagen based Spoil are a perfect example of a band with good intentions who just shouldn't have left the rehearsal room just yet. Their debut EP "Let It All Burn" features six tracks that feel like they were thrown together after just a few months of practice, which shows in the form of amateurish songwriting which leaves pretty much nothing positive behind to say about their sound. As I've stated multiple times before, I'm not a fan of putting down bands in our local scene, but sometimes a reality check is in order.

The early 90s grunge scene has clearly been an inspiration to the band, with brief allusions to ideas and expressions of Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden found in Spoil's music. Elements of stoner rock and hard rock are present as well, but unfortunately "Smoke And Embers" is the only track on the record with anything resembling a decent melody overall. The record is plagued by untight instrumentation that's frankly way too loose for a studio effort, but even more so than that, by terribly out-of-control vocals that are almost completely devoid of charisma and a sense of melody. When the rest of the songwriting is incredibly derivative and forgettable at the same time, the band has virtually nothing going on for them on the EP, where even the production feels lackluster and underwhelming overall.

This is literally how you should expect to sound like after your first few practices as a band when you're still trying out ideas and finding out what works and what doesn't. But for god's sake don't put it on a record and send it out to the press or the public at large. My advice? Spoil need to spend the next year or two holed up in a cabin somewhere intensely studying exactly those parts of their sound, specifically the what doesn't work part, before they should consider spending any more money on recording.


Download: Smoke And Embers
For the fans of: Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden
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Release date 11.10.2014

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