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This Here's The Hard Part

Written by: PP on 11/03/2015 21:24:14

Local Resident Failure reference all sorts of 90s greats on their sophomore album "This Here's The Hard Part", many of whom they have already shared the stage with in their native land of Australia. Classic 90s style snotty NOFX melodies from their "So Long & Thanks For All The Shoes"-era compete for airtime against smooth melodicore / skate punk in the vein of No Use For A Name's late 90s records. Every once in a while the band even dip their toes in silly no-frills pop punk that recalls the random and totally senseless songs of The Hextalls. "A Friend Named Hope" takes the prize home in this category, "Long Night" is perhaps even too similar to "180 Degrees" by NOFX, and "Into The Unknown" utilizes classic NUFAN style skate punk melody lines.

But despite resembling plenty of seminal bands in the genre, "This Here's The Hard Part" is a little bit better than your standard derivative clone band. Here, the soundscapes of key bands in modern punk have been used as an influence to arrive at an interpretation that certainly leans heavily on the pop punk side overall. The songs are infectiously catchy - there's even some easycore action on "Rockstar" with the brief screamed passage - and they are lightning speed tempo wise. Together, as has been proven by so many other records before this one, these two elements usually result in something rather decent by default. Here, Local Resident Failure throw in a few playful guitar riffs and clever instrumental interplays to seamlessly shift between a bouncy and a straight up melodic punk sound in the process.

While it might not be terribly original, they deliver their skate punk with conviction, landing home all the style points the genre requires, adding in some bonus in terms of catchy songwriting. There's a bunch here you'll be singing along, even if you'll be making the mid-90s NOFX connection during most of them, only in a slightly less snotty and poppier format.


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For the fans of: NOFX, The Hextalls, No Use For A Name
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Release date 13.03.2015
Disconnect Disconnect Records

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