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The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends

Written by: PP on 23/08/2007 02:05:27

Like so many other bands, the name Evans Blue is probably not going to ring any bells on our readers, considering they are one of those bands from Canada that gets solely promoted on the other side of the pond, with possibly a tiny bit of promotion in the UK. But in North America, they are a chart-topping band covered by pretty much every single mainstream media taking themselves seriously. Every Chevelle fan should take note here, because Evans Blue is probably the band that most sounds like Chevelle without sounding like a carbon copy of them. "The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends" is a ridiculously long album title, and despite the scene approval stamp that kind of name immediately receives, it shouldn't be confused with bands focusing on trendy haircuts and even trendier music.

What we've got here is an album full of heavy, melodic riffs, and high-pitch nasally sung clean vocals that have a certain degree of appeal to them. The guitars are clean and polished like you would expect from a major label band, though this time without sounding awfully inflated and overproduced. Maybe it's because they are Canadian, since our experience shows that bands from Canada tend to be among the most talented out there. The riffs are massive, though, but never to the point of where you'd feel there isn't any substance underneath. Many of the songs actually sound like more polished and slower takes on The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' emo/screamo fusion that many of us loved so dearly. They aren't as balls-to-the-walls aggressive because of the clean production, but it's not a trait that bothers you at all. Vocalist Matisyn's harmonious parts sound also a bit like TRJA's Ronnie Winter at times, though the resemblance is only ever temporary and disappears as soon as he moves to another part in the song. Don't expect any screams though, because the closest you'll get are the restrained croons you hear on songs like "My Damsel: A Confession To An Adversary". This, however, is a trait that in my opinion reduces the potential this album otherwise shows. Matisyn just sounds a little bit too nasal in many of the higher range passages, so maybe it would've been a good idea to cover those with screams or something. I mean, even Chevelle screams to an extent, and look how well it works for them.

But again, I fail to give this album a high rating. Why? Well, the album has been plagued by a predictably big marketing campaign, filling our mailbox with almost daily reminders of how the band either released a new podcast, webcast, new song, new photograph, new single... you get the point. Anyway, after you've been bombarded with so much promotion you start to think that is it because the album really is that good, or is it compensating for the fact that it won't get as much word-of-mouth as a release by a band like Poison The Well? They may be from entirely different genres, but that doesn't change the fact that if "The Pursuit.." would be better album than it is, such promotion would be unnecessary because everyone would be dying the get their hands on this album. It's still a solid effort, and has distinctly the sound you'd expect to have from a band charting high on the Billboard Modern Rock chart. The music isn't too complicated, but what the heck, at least it's catchy and less radio friendly than some of the pop rock we get these days. Get it if you are a massive Chevelle fan.


Download: In A Red Dress And Alone, My Damsel: A Confession To An Adversary
For the fans of: Chevelle, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
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Release date 24.07.2007
Hollywood Records

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