Songs And Reality

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Merigold is a moniker for Danish acoustic folk / Americana enthusiast Ulrik Tarp Merrildgaard, whom you'll also find as the guitarist / banjo player and backup vocalist in similarly themed Danish group Workers In Songs. On his debut solo album "Songs And Reality", he mixes together traditional singer-songwriter influence from artists like Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan together with Americana and alt-country vibes brought on via twangy riffs, banjo, and atmospheric songwriting that uses minimalism as its main weapon.

A good example is the third track "For Grandma", a personal piece as its title suggests which has a slow tempo overall and lengthy instrumental sections where classic Alabama-styled guitar tone drives the song forward. A much more active approach then is seen immediately after on "Howlin' In My Ears", where organs back vivid acoustic guitar plucking whilst his warmth-laden voice brings forth textbook country thematics in terms of mental landscapes while listening to the track. The undeniable highlight track of the record is "I Ain't Ready (For Your Leavin' Now)", which feels as authentic as its gets. Here, Ulrik's baritone vocal is in perfect contrast with the country guitar setting the mood in the background, whilst the acoustic guitar is used as a rhythm device to pace the song forward. It's relatively catchy and the first song so far on the record which may have potential to attract also others than merely alt-country fanatics to his expression.

That said, "Songs And Reality" does have some obvious faults especially when comparing it to much more convincing counterparts like Chuck Ragan or not to even mention Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon. Mr. Merrildgaard, unfortunately, doesn't have enough charisma to stick out in a crowded field, and the songs on his debut album are mostly nondescript, generic alt-country despite their authentic flavor.


Download: I Ain't Ready (For Your Leavin' Now), A Silver Cross To See, Howlin' In My Ears
For the fans of: The Folk Factory, Kill County, Bob Dylan
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Release date 09.03.2015

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