Blind Mice

Sunday Songs EP

Written by: PP on 21/03/2015 17:58:54

Well, here it is. The long-awaited Polar Bear Club record which restores Jimmy Stadt's throat back to normal and delivers a package of anthemic punk-tinged alternative rock for the ages. Except the band is called Blind Mice, they're from New Bedford, MA, and this is their six-track sophomore EP "Sunday Songs". But no kidding, the similarity between Jimmy Stadt in his younger days and Blind Mice vocalist Ross Nunes is uncanny to the point you'll have to check which band you're actually listening to.

Instrumentally, the band follows up with more Polar Bear Club worship. We find ourselves in an angular guitar landscape with purposefully rough distortion and edgy feeling overall that recalls the best PBC release "Sometimes Things Just Disappear". Post-hardcore vibes are embedded within the exceptionally melodic and lofty, expansive soundscapes. Tempo changes and intricate lead riffs are frequent throughout. But most importantly, the songs are maddeningly catchy despite being depth-laden and immersive in their overall soundscape. There should be virtually no way you won't sing along to the passionate shouts of "Barbaraaaaaaa" in "Barbara's Bar". Likewise, the emotive shouts that break Nunes' voice into a halfway scream on "Nervous" are pure gold. The Story So Far fans will find lots here to like in terms of passionate vocal delivery. Crystal clear production means the guitars are detailed but don't lose their warmth nor their ability to impress through intricate melody-lines in the process.

Together, the six songs on "Sunday Songs" EP are extremely convincing from a songwriting and execution perspective. Vocalist Nunes pours his heart out into each song which results in an exceptionally charismatic delivery that's as catchy as it is able to convey depth in their songs. Sure, it might sound a hell of a lot like Polar Bear Club of the past, but does that really matter? These songs are great.


Download: Nervous, Fifteen, Barbara's Bar
For the fans of: Polar Bear Club, Banquets, Half Hearted Hero, Gnarwolves, The Story So Far
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Release date 17.03.2015
Animal Style Records

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