Ghost of Belle Starr

Ghost of Belle Starr EP

Written by: HES on 31/03/2015 22:10:54

Ghost of Belle Starr is a band fresh off the boat in the context of releases. The 4 track EP is all I have been able to find anywhere and that is honestly a shame. The stylings are bluesy in the emotive sense of the word and melancholic to say the least. The standards are impressively high for such a young band. Not only does the band make good use of a few tracks to set the stage for more, they do it with such compositional talent, that it's hard to believe it's only the band's first release. The sound is a grandiose hybrid of Coldplay and Muse - and please do note that I am saying this with great affection for both bands' early work.

Light guitar-work weaves itself in and out of the sombre soundscape taking inspiration from both classic Spanish and country. Layers of ambience support the hoarse but boyish vocals. The track "Sun In My Eyes" is a peak on an otherwise horizontal curve, sporting an abstract guitar-sound I haven't heard before, breaking the mold of classic Danish indie rock and its predictable sound. Overall the EP forms a great foundation for more to come with equals parts of catchiness and surprises.

Unfortunately the band has a tendency of sometimes probably seeking out the soulful path a bit to thoroughly and although I appreciate the delicate melancholy, sometimes the faith in the listeners' interest is challenged a bit by things like the 1½ minute long intro to “Some Nights Are Free”. I do prefer the more fast paced, energetic first couple of songs over the more lethargic “Inertia in C Minor” - but it’s pretty clear that the band has delivered 4 solidly produced and solidly written songs. That’s more than most debutants can claim to achieve.


Download: Sun In My Eyes, Pink Guillotine, Some Nights Are Free
For the fans of: Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Coldplay
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Release date 15.01.2015

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