Life // Lost

Written by: MN on 08/04/2015 17:08:57

Currents are a relatively new metalcore outfit hailing out of Connecticut, USA. Having no prior knowledge to their existence, I was drawn to a description of Currents being an animated expression of the forces of nature coupled with lyrics dealing with the human psyche, all manifested through down-tuned "semi-industrial" riffs that could crush the densest of bones. However heavy it may be, it is not exactly original. The soundscape fits directly into a contemporary metalcore trend of down tuning the guitars and thus "djentifying" the sound, comparable to an example like the breakthrough record "Into The Deep" by Oceans Ate Alaska. Without getting too riddled into describing the genre of Currents, let's clarify that they are one of those metal bands that straddle the borders of metalcore, djent, industrial and even nu-metal. Currents produce a very powerful expression where the deep rawness of the riffs carry the weight, whilst Chris Wiseman supplies snarling vocals that are painstakingly schizophrenic and sharp in delivery.

First track "Anxiety" pummels you into a myriad of breakdown riffs and angry screams, but truthfully is a bit of a boring track. "Sleep Paralysis" makes things a bit more interesting as the chugging riffs are complimented by some solid solo work delivered meticulously by Ryan Castaldi. The industrial references start to become more apparent at the onset of "Heathen" which is a personal favourite track, mainly because it has a melodic death metal refrain, finally the deep demonic riffs start to morph into variety. "Rose" has clear hardcore references, another welcoming element, coupled with a tasty chorus riff alone the lines of a Killswitch Engage production. There are times when Currents completely envelope me, but they often lose my attention, when it turns consistently, and in my opinion way too often, towards playing slow-paced breakdowns as a form of filler.

"Life // Lost" is the slow emotional-jerker that has Wiseman's vocals of despair coupled with a soft piano. Eventually, the song adds on heaviness that is reminiscent of a Northlane formula, a band whose fans surely will find some joy in checking out Currents. "Euphoria" takes it a bit old school as memories of early Finch and Senses Fail, albeit a lot heavier in tone. The final track of the record features a rapper by the name of Matthew Youkhana, whose performance is commendable but not necessarily needed in this otherwise beast of a track. The riff here is easily the strongest on the record and the melodeath influence brings in some brilliant variety.

Currents have plenty to show for with this release and I hope they will choose to stray from the beaten path in their pursuit of perfecting their own expression. The industrial elements and relentless vocals, coupled with the dabbling in death metal, are hugely welcoming elements, On the other hand, I wish to see less asinine breakdowns and more experimentation. Definitely a solid debut record, nonetheless.

Download: Life // Lost, Stillborn, Derelict
For The Fans Of: Years Since The Storm, Aristaea, Parkway Drive

Release date: 01.02.2015

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