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Skeyes is an American progressive metalcore band formed two years ago as a studio project which has now expanded into a full band. They released their debut EP entitled “Empty Mirrors” in February on Imminence Records. It is a well-played and somewhat interesting, although a bit confusing and ultimately forgettable first effort from the band.

Seeing as the band began as a studio project of just two guys which has now turned into a full band, it seems that more time is needed for Skeyes to perfect what kind of band they want to be. They combine metalcore, djent, emo and post-hardcore into a strange mix that is not bad, but not great either. Vocalists Garret Rapp of The Color Morale and Jesse Cash of Erra make guest appearances on the EP, and the influences from these bands can clearly be heard in Skeyes’ music as well. The two prominent vocalists help to heighten the quality of the EP. However, with only four songs, the EP fails to present a clear image of what musical direction Skeyes is going in. Obviously, four songs is not an unusual amount of material for an EP, but these songs contain so many different styles that it becomes difficult to understand the purpose of the EP.

First track “Ethereal” is standard metalcore with plenty of groove and switching between growls and high pitched clean vocals. “Myriad” is spacey djent-metal, “Empty Mirrors” has more of a progressive hardcore vibe and “Ars Amatoria” is a Silverstein-esque emo rock track. Individually, these tracks are pretty good, but together they confuse more than impress. However, Skeyes seem to have the musical skills to become a very good band and will be interesting to follow in the near future.


Download: Myriad, Empty Mirrors
For the fans of: Erra, The Color Morale, Northlane, Silverstein, Periphery
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Release date 24.02.2015
Imminence Records

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