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Set To Burn

Written by: MAK on 17/06/2015 19:54:47

When Breaking Point first announced they were recording a full album after so many years of just releasing 7” EPs and splits, it took a lot of people by surprise considering vocalist Louis Gauthier’s commitment to Brutality Will Prevail at the time, but on the same note there was a buzz to finally hear a full release. Their first and only release on the continuously rising label Carry The Weight Records.

Known for creating pit destroyers like “Life Sentence” and “Season of My Discontent” in the past, Breaking Point have stepped up their game by making their heaviest music to date. Kicking "Set To Burn" off with another pit destroyer and a certified head-banger, “Eternal Pledge” delivers the Breaking Point most fans have come to know and love: Sheer brutality, gutsy raw vocals and crushing riffs that unleash one emotion - anger. What more could a BxP fan ask for?

This would be the formula for the entire album, 10 tracks of non-stop mosh anthems, nothing but pure bangers from the south coast lads. There isn't a lot more to it than that, but sometimes in the case of hardcore you don’t really want anything more. Simple stripped-back aggressive music at its most raw, giving off that essential DIY feeling that the scene thrives off. Just listen to video track “Power” and you’ll understand that less is more, no over complicated-style grooves and beats, or congested tracking with various types of instruments. Just simple, angry music that will make any hardcore fan want to lose their voices to and go wild.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Breaking Point album without them letting listeners know about their straight edge values, as they conquer our ears with “Purge The Weak”. A 75-second onslaught with just a few lines: “I won’t break, I will not be broken. Overcome. Purge The Weak. Persevere. I will always be straight edge”. A short message about how important straight edge is to them and to stick to what you believe in.

Sadly "Set to Burn" is the final release from Breaking Point since their split in May 2015. Though it will always be a reminder of how strong UK hardcore is and will continue to be. "Set To Burn" is exactly what it intended to be, a relentless ass kicker, just like all the EPs and splits before it. Expect to see members in other projects in the future. We can only hope that one day the Southern Rise outfit might return to create more explosive music.


Download: War, Power, Cold Snap
For The Fans Of: Broken Teeth, Ego Trip, Final Rage, War Charge, Day Of Rights

Release date 22.09.2014
Carry The Weight

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