The Interrupters

The Interrupters

Written by: MAK on 24/06/2015 22:21:23

Meet The Interrupters, the latest "big thing" to come out of Hellcat Records. The LA four-piece has been rocking out shows across the world with their self-titled album keeping the ska punk scenes exciting and relevant. In short and very simple terms, The Interrupters play very joyful ska punk that sounds as if Rancid were to be fronted by Brody Dalle. Just by listening to just a few words in the opening track “Take Back the Power” it is scary how similar Aimee Interrupter’s voice sounds compared to the ex- The Distillers Frontwoman. The same gravel swallowing, husky voice that was almost too distinctive, but apparently not anymore.

Follow-up track “White Noise” sounds as if it could have been written in the mid to late 90’s when 3rd wave ska was at its peak and it would have been a hit. Pulsing beats make it impossible for ska fans not to skank and catchy choruses will have anyone singing along after a few listens. It's a very simple but effective formula that keeps this enjoyable vibe going in “Can’t Be Trusted”, “Easy On You” and “A Friend Like Me”. Quite effectively these are all ingredients to making a very fun album though Aimee’s husky voice does add some real bite and a little bit of aggression to the songs. This would be a similar trait Brody would have in the Distillers but not quite as Aimee's is not as punchy or dominating.

Even though this album is highly enjoyable, there is a constant lingering thought is that there really is a strong influence of Tim Armstrong and Rancid, as quiet essentially every song sounds as if it could have been written and played by Rancid and you wouldn’t notice the difference. The fact that Tim Armstrong features on the track “Family” doesn’t help The Interrupters' case, but it does boost them into the limelight with the Rancid guitarist/vocalist heavily backing them. While that is great in hooking in fans of a certain scene by being similar to another act, being close to a carbon copy does provoke the question “do The Interrupters have their own sound?”. If trying to emulate one of the punk rock greats is their goal then they have done a perfect job of it, though it would be nice to see if The Interrupters can take a small step out of the shadow they are in.

3rd wave ska never really went away as bands like Rancid, Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish continued to make albums, but it has been a long time since a debut album has had the quality to be up there with such veterans of the scene. It certainly gives hope that fresh blood can keep the genre alive for a younger generation to discover. The Interrupters' self-titled first album is a very good start to what looks like a promising career, let’s hope they can keep it up.

Download: White Noise, This Is The New Sound, Family (feat. Tim Armstrong)
For The Fans Of: Rancid, The Distillers, NOFX, Big D and The Kids Table, Less Than Jake

Release date 08.04.2015
Hellcat Records

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