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Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises

Written by: HES on 25/06/2015 10:06:26

If you cite Fugazi as a band that inspires your musical style you better back it up, as we might be few who remember that band. And those of us who do usually put it on an unusually high pedestal either because it introduced us to punk or because it changed our minds about what punk could be. For me, it was the first, then the latter. Milo's Planes is one of those bands that cite Fugazi as just that, and you can definitely hear a bit of “Repeater” in there. "Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises" makes you travel to the 90's and back, all the way thinking: Yeah that short, fast and loud sound is still good. Slightly more trashy sounding and very, very lo-fi, Milo's Planes use the carpeted room of well-written melodies to go absolutely ape-shit, bouncing off the walls.

Some of the tracks are more post-punk inspired like "Something Else" or the more classic punk constructed "Lost Talent", but here comes the kicker: Everything has been recorded in the room of one of the band members, and even though I appreciate lo-fi, the album suffers from an extremely superficial soundscape for the same reason. On top of that the record consist of a whopping fifteen tracks and albeit most of the songwriting is actually quite decent, these factors amount to an album that is very chaotic at first and hard to really get into. Take the track "People's Houses" that is sporting a delicious amount of fast-paced guitar, that is almost lost in the layers of distorted sounds. The band is closer to getting away clean with the short "Sinking" where the clean guitar gets a bit more air to breathe in. Still: If you can see past the distortion and completely butchering of any sounds in the louder part of the soundscape - I mean you might even appreciate it - then "Aural Palate Cleaning Exercises" is quite the universe to dig into.


Download: Sinking, Something Else, Lost Talent
For the fans of: Fugazi, Let’s Kill Janice, Wire

Release date 12.03.2015

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