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Århus based straight forward rock'n'roll act Bullet Train Blast have reached third full-length with "Shake Rattle Racing", which came out a few months ago. Since their previous album "Nothing Remains" three years ago, they've added two new members to the crew, with ex-Hatesphere member Henrik 'Heinz' Jacobsen taking over guitar duties and the lesser known Jakob Ellerup joining in on bass. Instrumentally, the two have brought only cosmetic changes to the Bullet Train Blast soundscape. Indeed, the band continue to draw from classic 80s hard rock while interpreting it through a 90s alternative rock / post-grunge atmosphere largely accreditable to their vocalist's extended croons.

Here, attitude-driven singing brings in enough charisma and catchy enough vocal melodies to elevate Bullet Train Blast as one of the better bands out of the Danish rock'n'roll movement. Originality, however, is still thrown out the window as the band focus on channeling their inner Guns N' Roses meets Black Stone Cheery influences in the best American mainstream rock manner. In between, they sandwich a few catchy tunes like "Head Above Water" and "Game Over", while occasionally delving into ballad territory with "I Think I'll Stay" even echoing Creed if it wasn't for the hard rock-oriented solo halfway through.

The production is crisp and clear thanks to Tue Madsen operating behind the knobs. With a few groovy riffs and an overall driving, dynamic instrumental landscape, he's able to extract a solid performance out of a band that's best known for their live performances. On record, they're still a tad too generic to appeal to a wider audience in a genre as crowded as this. Much like countrymates in Supercharger, though, they deliver a passable, energetic effort that'll enable them to play smaller shows, but don't expect "Shake rattle Racing" to be their breakthrough album.

Download: Game Over, Oh Desire, Head Above Water
For the fans of: Supercharger, Black Stone Cherry, Audioslave, Guns N' Roses
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Release date 25.05.2015
Mighty Music

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