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The Night Creeper

Written by: BV on 08/09/2015 13:40:41

I’m no stranger to the occult musical leanings of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – as a matter of fact, I’d say that I’m quite well-acquainted with their work, from the seldom heard debut album ”Vol. 1” through breakthrough album “Blood Lust” and into the massive, slightly polished work of “Mind Control”. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I have now fallen straight into old habits and begun listening intensely to the Deadbeats’ latest offering; “The Night Creeper”. The themes of murder, ritualistic offerings and various occultisms remain consistent and are delivered so matter-of-factly that, at this point, I’d almost be willing to believe that songs about stabbing, cults and ritual murder are practically an accepted mainstream offering. They’re not though, but Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are certainly taking a stab at it nonetheless (horrible pun intended).

Throughout the album’s first three offerings you also happen to find the most out-of-place tracks, as they toy with musical ideas that have not previously been explored that deeply. Take for instance the strangely upbeat outro drumming on “Murder Nights” which stands in quite a contrast to the swampy groove of the track’s first 2-3 minutes. The upbeat element works, however, as you’re never unsure of the fact that you’re listening to an Uncle Acid' song – all it really does is expand on the well-known sonic palette that Uncle Acid' fans have come to know and love. “Downtown” fares far less successfully on its verses as they are damn near painful to get through – all is well, however, when we then touch upon the beautiful melancholy of the chorus which brings equal parts gruesome and touching visions to mind; the amazingly fitting guitar solo doesn’t really hurt either.

It’s on “Pusher Man” that the band really takes off, as it is easily one of the best tracks on the album. The main riff sounds like a recycled version of “Mt. Abraxas” from “Mind Control”, but it hardly matters when it is delivered in this particularly enticing manner. Lo-fi and gritty as the music is, it does make the surreal imagery of gore come ever closer to being realistic in a certain way – thoroughly underlining the band’s strengths in that particular department. The gruesome, paranoia-addled vocals that have long since become a signature of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats are particularly prominent on “Pusher Man” – thereby explaining why this is perhaps one of the highlights of the album, as all of the greatest musical ingredients are there.

There are other things on “The Night Creeper” to mention though. Like the fact that Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have recorded and released their first fully instrumental track to date – something that could easily go both ways in terms of success. I’d personally deem it successful to some extent, as it brings mid-70’s prog rock to mind with its mellotron-sounding lead line on top of the beautifully ringing acoustic guitar parts. It’s somewhat of a departure from previous efforts, but it sure as hell is also a sign of positive development in my humble opinion.

“Slow Death” is by far the longest track on “The Night Creeper” and definitely also the most psychedelic offering from the band to date. With a slow, pulsing groove and sporadic guitar-parts noodling all over it’s definitely a groove that requires some patience to get into, but if you do it’ll make the whole experience that much better. For those unwilling to cope with long running times, however, I imagine the title is rather fitting for someone having to listen all the way through though.

When all is said and done, I think most of us can agree that Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats peaked with “Blood Lust” because of its overwhelmingly fresh sound – a sound that has since been imitated to a near endless extent. Nonetheless “The Night Creeper” offers up plenty of good stuff for the discerning listener and I’d wager most fans of Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats will be satisfied with this offering.


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Release date 04.09.2015
Rise Above Records

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