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In the past five years, Bangers have established themselves as one of the mainstays in the UK punk rock circuit. They've supported The Lawrence Arms and other prominent names, as well as played their own, intimate shows across the country. Their official debut album "Small Pleasures" came out in 2011, but a year earlier they released an album collection of all their previous vinyl output. It was first on sophomore album "Crazy Fucking Dreams" that the band blossomed into the knowledge of European punk rockers at large. An album characterized by The Hold Steady style rambling sailor vocals and undertones of Attack In Black's melodic vibrations, the record was a highlight from the UK that year. Then last year they wrote AND recorded "Mysterious Ways" in just 48 hours, which was an interesting experiment. Third album "Bird", written in a more conventional manner, is therefore a more appropriate measure of where Bangers are as a band anno 2015.

"Bird" basically picks off where Crazy Fucking Dreams left off but delivers their rollicking basement punk rock in an even more unpolished and edgy format than in the past. The roared, gravelly vocals of Roo Pescod are still a highlight as he explodes into the "No!" scream of the opening track, but already on track three "I Don't Feel Like I'll Ever Be Clean Again" we witness the band adding a little extra variety to their sound. A somber, slower track, it echoes sentiments of Jeff Rosenstock's recent full-length as Pescod wails his way through an unusually melancholic track. "Fleshlings" ups the tempo and presents another rumbling melodic punk rock onslaught with a nearly screamed chorus that should initiate some action at basement style venues across the continent. In general, this track characterizes "Bird" most: it's a faster record that has a lesser story-telling vibe than "Crazy Fucking Dreams" had, instead delivering a more straight up Midwestern punk inspired expression. Think along the lines of Timeshares (on their first record), Ma Jolie, Signals Midwest's old output, and pretty much a long list of other FEST-relevant bands out there.

From this definition alone it's clear that "Bird" is a niché record. It carries that melodically ringing treble sound that so many fans of basement punk rock love, with purposefully rough production and unpolished finish overall to leave their expression with honesty-driven character. If that definition reads like your list of favorite FEST bands, "Bird" is a sure bet. Others may find it difficult to digest; it's not the record that'll open up this genre for you.


Download: No!, I Don't Feel Like I'll Ever Be Clean Again, Fleshlings, Stressful Festival
For the fans of: Signals Midwest, Ma Jolie, Timeshares, Attack In Black, Jeff Rosenstock
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Release date 10.08.2015
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