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Written by: PP on 27/09/2015 19:49:01

Malmö, Sweden's Terrible Feelings have been a post-punk group on the rise as a part of the same wave of female-fronted bands in the genre as White Lung, Savages, and countless others. Common to all of them is a sense of hipster/Pitchforkism in their sound, although sophomore album "Tremors" makes the case that out of the three mentioned, the Swedes have the least of that infection. Instead, they concentrate on writing enjoyable alternative rock tunes with a few garage and punk undertones blending in nicely into their expression.

The vocals are still a bit of an acquired taste. They recall Patti Smith merged with the girls from the aforementioned groups, which means they are a rather unconventional experience. Vocalist Manuela Iwansson constantly varies her voice from mid-range to one purposefully too high for her, possibly to add edge, character, or both. When it works, such as on the soulful ballad "Down The Road", it does wonders for the depth of their song structures. Elsewhere, it can be a bit much unless you're specifically into female vocalists who wail in an uncontrollably whiny manner - like I said, an acquired taste. Nonetheless, when you get over that hurdle, songs like "Cold Eyes", "Demon Tonight", "Deadbeat" and "Bastard Child" are actually surprisingly catchy. They carry a dark vibe that recalls the early 80s atmospherics from Joy Division and similar bands, but with the songwriting sensibilities of a modern alternative rock band. The gothic overtones add further peculiarity to their soundscape.

The majority of the album is carried forward in a hectic feeling as most tracks are relatively upbeat in tempo. This helps them a great deal vs. previous album "Shadows", which all too often felt lacking in energy and power. That's exactly where "Tremors" helps Terrible Feelings appeal to yours truly, because while the fragile vocals are still too off-tune for my taste, at least the groovy garage rock energy is something to behold. Also, the songs are much better this time around. A much better effort this time around, but still too nondescript to land at the higher ratings on our scale.


Download: Sin City, Cold Eyes, Demon Tonight, Deadbeat, Even Mothers
For the fans of: Patti Smith, White Lung, Savages, Wipers, Murder City Devils
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Release date 17.04.2015
Deranged Records / Punks Only / Adrian Recordings

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