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Untethered Moon

Written by: PP on 12/10/2015 21:38:45

Built To Spill are one of those highly touted cult bands I never got to check out properly during the 90s other than a sporadic track here and there. They've also released albums rather sparingly as of late, with eighth album "Untethered Moon" being their first in six years and only their third since 2001. For this constellation, the band's mastermind vocalist/guitarist Dough Martsch has found new members Steve Gere and Brett Nelson to take over drum and bass duties, respectively, which honestly doesn't really change much about their sound.

Throughout the 90s, Built To Spill released a series of full-lengths that are rightly classified as quintessential 90s rock albums. Raw, unpolished, and garage rock tinted guitars that buzz and fuzz their way alongside semi-distorted vocals. In the latter department, Martsch owns a remarkably similar style of crooning as a certain Liam Gallagher, though delivered in his own, personal manner - see for example "Some Other Song". And though he's always been capable of delivering a good punch in the chorus vocally, the key to Built To Spill's sound has always been a clever, intricate approach to guitars. Distinct riffs and quirky melodies dominate the expression, leaving behind a charming sound that has inspired, among others, The Thermals and System And Station. Martsch himself claims to have been inspired by Dinosaur Jr., which also explains why the two bands share much in their expression. The cheerful and reverb-laden melodies of Superchunk are also prominently on display, as the vivid and noisy buzzer of a track "Living Zoo" so well demonstrates.

If there's one thing that, in particular, characterizes "Untethered Moon", it's the sheer joy of playing that shines through both the instrumentals and the vocals. Whether it's the experimental 70s echoes of the guitars in "C.R.E.B" (think The Police), or the bright distortion and vibrant grunge style singing in "Another Day", Built To Spill sound like they're loving playing these songs. And who can blame them? The band has once again put together an album full of tunes reminding us how awesome 90s alternative rock is when done right.


Download: All Our Songs, Living Zoo, Another Day, Some Other Song
For the fans of: The Thermals, System And Station, Dinosaur Jr., Superchunk
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Release date 18.04.2015
Warner Bros

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