Great Cynics

I Feel Weird

Written by: PP on 10/12/2015 22:59:50

Ah yes, another entrant to the world of writing classic American rock songs with slight punk and indie undertones. Great Cynics, as the London, UK based three-piece is called, namely fall squarely in the same category as likeminded peers in Cheap Girls, Luther, and, of course, the criminally underappreciated, yet seminal Midwestern punk rockers, American Steel. Their new album "I Feel Weird" draws parallels to all these bands from the occasional organ backing melodies to the wide-open, easygoing song structures that echo Middle America sentiments in their worry-free tone. A notable achievement considering Great Cynics are actually English.

At the same time, 90s style treble melodies buzz around the soundscape (think Superchunk), and a quirky male/female dynamic adds some flavor to the record. "North Street", for instance, is sung by bassist Iona, whereas "Lost In You" sees both her and her male counterpart in unison, here bringing to mind the similar approaches taken by Mixtapes, Chumped and perhaps even Adventures to an extent. It sounds fresh and natural like the pair had been singing great American rock songs together for an eternity. Iona's vocals are stronger than her colleagues in the aforementioned bands, which mean's she has way more of a presence and thus avoids sounding fragile. The two complement each other very well, which makes for a very easily likable soundscape overall.

Indeed, all tracks throughout "I Feel Weird" sound pretty good. They roll by at mid-tempo tempo without many surprises nor huge noteworthy moments but nonetheless, leave behind a positive vibe overall. That's also the only hurdle the record has yet to overcome: the songs are so easygoing it's easy to get lost in their relaxing atmosphere. But the key highlight tracks that'd push this from being a good into a great release are missing, leaving behind a consistent feel-good experience but one that never really peaks.


Download: Want You Around (Chunky), North Street, Everyone's A Little Bit Weird
For the fans of: American Steel, Cheap Girls, Sharks, Luther, Superchunk, Chumped
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Release date 18.05.2015
Specialist Subject Records

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