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Last year, Århus, Denmark-based MØL caught us by complete surprise with their astonishing brand of melodic black metal that drew inspiration from post-rock and post-metal on their self-titled debut EP. A masterful blend between utter beauty and the devastating heaviness of black metal, the resulting expression was comparable to the likes of Deafhaven, and one never before heard in Denmark at least in as convincing manner. It was as catchy as it was pummeling, as tranquil as it was chaotic, often all within the same song as the band let their expression travel freely from realm to realm in a refreshingly original manner. I suggested in my review that if MØL were to keep it up, they'd soon meet both national and international critical acclaim; the former is already in check, and with sophomore EP "II", the latter should just be a question of time.

In just under fourteen minutes, MØL deliver three more absolute gems of atmospheric black metal that picks up almost exactly where the debut EP left off. "Kathexis", for instance, features beautiful, back-chill inducing tremolo melodies that fly high up in an expansive soundscape, where layers upon layers of incredible melody build up to a cacophonic finale, that nonetheless manifests itself as one of the most beautiful pieces of black metal music Denmark has seen to date. It might be even better than the material from the debut if you ask me.

At the same time, it is evidently obvious that MØL have begun a journey of evolution as a band already on their sophomore EP. "Atacama" is the first indication that they won't be content as just being a Deafhaven clone; the guitars here take a softer tone and lean more towards post-metal, with the throaty shrieks approaching screamo style, and the song structure being more progressive. Here, the band are more comparable to Japanese progressive post-metal / screamo gurus Envy than the hipster black of Deafhaven.

Likewise, "Rush" is an interesting piece - it's like atmospheric black metal on steroids. A hurried tempo with punk undertones gives the listener a feeling of another fresh perspective into black metal of this kind, although the key elements of high pitch tremolo shredding and shriek vocals are still prominently on display. Either way, the song feels original and different to their peers.

Despite being just fourteen minutes long, "II" offers atmospheric black metal in international class. The three songs on the record are beautifully composed pieces of art that scream to be heard by the wider audiences. I daresay even non-black metal fans will find MØL's expression enjoyable. Now, what we need is an album's worth of these gems for a 'Pitchfork style breakthrough' Deafhaven style.

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Release date 15.11.2015

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