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Average Songs About The Best Days In Our Lives EP

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Less Deceived consists of four dudes from Hull, UK, who used to play in hardcore bands before they decided they wanted to record a melodic punk rock EP instead. Out of that came five tracks of explosive melodic punk rock with distinct hardcore undertones they've dubbed "Average Songs About The Best Days In Our Lives". That experience from heavier music jumps out immediately from EP opener "I Used To Own A Crass T-Shirt", which starts with an infectiously catchy line of "For the first time, in a long time, I'm feeling like myself, so I wrote this song to let you know I'll get there", sung in a coarsely raspy manner that aggressively explodes out of the record in the best Such Gold resembling in-your-face fashion.

But where the latter band primarily specialized in hardcore punk with pop punk inspiration, Less Deceived are decisively more punk rock in their expression. Their songs are jam-packed with classic shout-along choruses - think Latterman here - with enough catchy lines to water the collective mouths of every basement punk show fan across Europe. For instance, lead single "My Main Weakness Is How Weak I Am" has all the ingredients in its chorus to have its lyrics echo at basement venues across the continent, rammed with out-of-breath, sweaty punk fans from circle pitting all song, now pumping their fists in air and screaming along to the gang-shouted words of "Sing 'cause we know the words, scream 'cause we know it hurts!" Basically, parallels to the first Red City Radio record are everywhere to be found, blended in with a heavier Iron Chic/Latterman-style shout-along choruses, and balanced against the high-energy explosiveness and passion of Such Gold and similar bands.

The guitars, while lo-fi in production and a little crackling in the sound, consist of melodic leads and catchy chord-based material played at a mostly pedal-to-the-floor tempo. Together with the in-your-face vocal delivery and the occasional gang shouts, they give Less Deceived's expression an infectious energy that alone should get venues moving. Combine that with a knack for writing memorable vocal melodies and catchy lyrics, and you've got a lethal cocktail for European punk fans. With better production and more songs like this, the debut is going to be one to watch when it's released, that's for sure.

Download: I Used To Own A Crass T-Shirt, My Main Weakness Is How Weak I Am
For the fans of: Such Gold, Latterman, Iron Chic, Red City Radio
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Release date 06.10.2015
Disillusioned Records

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