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"I Am" is the next EP in a series of releases from Århus, Denmark-based modern metallers Diamond Drive, which saw them release a number of EPs before their full-length "Temporality" in 2013. While earlier material suggested the band were channeling nu-metal into their Danish metal expression, this release saw the band cross over into mainstream rock territory with references to Alter Bridge, Disturbed, and other big arena rock/metal hybrids. It was a fairly catchy record, yet a somewhat surprising move from the band that at least initially showcased themselves as a metal band first and foremost.

That changes for "I Am" EP, a four track releases that sees the band return to their metal roots while still retaining some of their polished mainstream appeal. "404", for instance, opens with metallic riffage suitable for most progressive metal groups, offering technical onslaught and variety by the boatload. The vocals are still primarily cleanly sung in a manner that draws its inspiration from the original nu-metal movement - much like Fear Factory's clean sections - while echoing the sentiments of similar local modern metal groups here in Denmark. The Vizion Ablaze and Raunchy, in particular, strike out as artists whose expression shares a lot in common with Diamond Drive's.

The name of the game is simple: big, modern productions that are rooted in metal, but offer infectiously catchy clean vocal choruses in contrast. Together, these elements create a soundscape that's bottom-heavy and muscular, but avoids the monotonous growling/screaming trap of many other Danish metal bands from a few years ago, thus elevating Diamond Drive's expression onto a different level. Particularly the title track deserves praise for its excellent songwriting and memorable melodies that impress immediately on first listen, but to be fair, all four tracks are good.

"In The Shade" is a good example of the heavier and more aggressive approach that Diamond Drive have taken on the EP compared to the full-length. Here, the vocals are semi-screamed during many verses, even if the main chorus is still delivered in Raunchy style modern metal cleans, and "Riot" is similarly in-your-face in its vocal department. Still, it's clear that "404" and "I Am" are better tracks overall, because the screaming department has never been a strong suit for the band. With these four tracks, the band bridge their past with their current expression, offering fans some insight on what to expect from the next full-length. Not spectacular, but still solid Danish metal.


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For the fans of: The Vision Ablaze, Raunchy, Fear Factory, Alter Bridge
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Release date 07.06.2015

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