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Copenhagen-based psychedelic rockers South is a relatively new band consisting of members from a rather diverse group of local bands like Nuclear Death Terror, Sygdom, Complete, Love Potion and Ripping Headache. They put out a five-track release simply titled "EP 2015" last summer, which for some unexplainable reason seems to have gone under the radar for most fans and underground media alike. Why's that? Because it's the kind of hard-hitting, heavy rockin' record that strikes through to its listener on first listen and keeps on getting better.

There are three features in particular that strike out on first listen. One, they are fronted by Helena Elisha, a raspy female vocalist who gives Brody Dalle a run for her money in terms of raw attitude and harrowing vocals throughout the disc. Two, they seamlessly blend doom and psychedelic rock together, resulting in the sort of unnerving atmosphere you typically experience with occult metal releases. As if something's wrong underneath the surface, where Helena turns out to be an evil witch casting hypnotizing spells on her listeners. Three, the band's instrumentals are great throughout. Bluesy riffs give way to heavy psychedelic tunes and metallic passages, and back again in short bursts of relatively high tempo rock'n'roll. And here I'm not talking of the generic kind, but with an original twist that draws parallels to local bands Förtress and Bersærk in terms of its personality and charisma.

When put together, these three elements suggest that "EP2015" and South should be on the lips of any psychedelic / stoner / occult rock fan in the country. Maybe the promotion hasn't been done properly. But with doomy occult rock songs like "Knife Twister" battling for sonic space with high-energy psychedelia like "Satan's Sister", especially since the female vocals far outperforming most male counterparts in this country in terms of charisma, word of mouth should start spreading along the underground shortly. Production may still be an issue, but in terms of raw riffs and the vocals, South is the real deal. Keep an eye out for these guys and girls.


Download: Night, Satan's Sister
For the fans of: Förtress, Red Fang, Bersærk
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Release date 01.07.2015

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