Bring Me Good News

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Lucer spent a few years touring the Danish underground scene with the moniker L.A. Collective, before changing name to Lucer in 2014. Back then, they were frequently labeled as the Airbourne of Denmark given their tendency to essentially copy the straightforward classic rock sound of AC/DC just like the Australians do. Their live shows were highly energetic and enjoyable to an extent, their songs not so much. Cliché attitude-driven rock'n'roll solos and tired rowdy soundscapes aimed at the High Voltage crowd made it virtually impossible to distinguish the band from the gray mass of like-minded bands in Denmark, which is why it made sense to dump that brand behind and start afresh with Lucer.

On debut album "Bring Me Good News", Airbourne-worship has been exchanged with the catchy hooks and memorable choruses of alternative rock in what is a rather radical shift stylistically speaking if you've listened to Lucer's past output. The record opens with a great one-two punch with "Midnight Sun" and "Something Original", both tracks best classified as sunshine rock given their upbeat pop-rock orientation. The first one, in particular, is almost like a throwback to Len (remember "Steal My Sunshine" from 1999?), whereas the second track adopts a similar high-energy rock laced with punk undertones approach as Swedish sensation The Hives have perfecting for almost two decades now. What's apparent about both is how much the songwriting has improved since the L.A. Collective days. The objective has clearly shifted from writing rock songs like the legends did back in the day into writing something a little more modern and more relevant with the times.

The same pattern carries throughout the record: solid choruses, memorable riffs, and a sleazy-but-enjoyable atmosphere dominate throughout, where parallels to The Hives and older Foo Fighters material are being drawn in constant fashion. Another band that's frequently referenced stylistically is early 2000s Oasis. "I Don't Wanna Know", for instance, sees Lucer vocalist Christiansen howl in equally charismatic and distorted manner as the Gallagher brothers during their bleaker, psychedelia-induced years from "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants"-era onwards. Similarly, "Shooting Star" relies on a similar vocal pattern as the Britrock group did during their last decade, but it's both memorable and infinitely more relevant stylistically than their older output.

Sure, Lucer have taken a decisive step towards being a mainstream rock band suitable for the P3 audiences on their debut album. That's undeniable. But they do so while retaining enough dirty grooves and grimy distortion to avoid turning off fans of real rock music. That they flavor the mix with infectious choruses and crispy production shouldn't be a minus in anyone's book, and objectively speaking, "Bring Me Good News" is a hell of a debut and absolutely the right stylistic change for Lucer going forward. If album number two improves from this one, we're talking straight up international potential. For now, Lucer enter discussion for the best Danish rock album of 2016.


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For the fans of: Oasis, The Hives, Foo Fighters
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Release date 15.01.2016
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