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Death Index

Written by: MIN on 06/03/2016 15:11:49

“Songs about Death and Dying. Computer Death. Social Death. Animal Violence.” This is only part of the description you’ll find when looking for Death Index on their label’s webpage. Carson Cox (from the band Merchandise) has created a band spanning over more genres than I’m willing to mention, along with multi-instrumentalist Marco Rapisarda. Let’s just say that they range from art-punk a la Suicide to post-punk in the vein of Viet Cong or Ceremony. Allegedly, the self-titled debut LP was recorded in various studios in both Tampa Bay (USA), Berlin (Germany) and Palermo (Italy), with Cox taking care of vocal duties, leaving the rest to Rapisarda – but don’t think the album is lacking in terms of energy just because it isn’t recorded live.

“Fast Money Kill” kicks off the album with a screeching guitar, which is rather reminiscent of several other Deathwish-bands, but the sound is quickly turned into a rusty riff that sounds as if it’s taken from your childhood garage rock band and thrust through a blender. It’s quickly followed by a loud and thundering rhythm section that sets the pace, and suddenly Cox joins in and sings about how medicine makes money instead of the other way around. In less than a minute they manage to show off just why Deathwish Inc. wanted to put them on their label.

Unlike many modern punk bands, Cox has an easily recognizable voice much like the protopunk bands of yesteryears which definitely helps the band stand out from the murk of below-average punks found within the scene. His vocals set the pace for most of the songs, as if they make the frame for how the rest of the music should sound like. Sometimes he croons and sways, other times he sings and snarls, but most remarkable is how his voice oftentimes sounds gothic and longing. When listening to the slower songs like “Lost Bodies” or the album closer, “Patto Con Dio", you can’t help but think of bands like Depeche Mode or Nine Inch Nails. On these songs, Rapisarda, too, has done an excellent job in creating ambient soundscapes or droning basslines that flavor the mood of the album, and it fits nicely with the ominous production presented throughout.

Overall, Death Index’s debut album is a great start for the band. It contains several different angles and inspirations while constantly sounding like a product of its own. The only problem, however, is that very often the songs feel like they never really reach their full potential. They feel like snippets that begin but don’t really end. On one hand, this is alright due to the album’s short length of only 24 minutes (including three minutes of noise towards the end), on the other, it would’ve been nice to hear a full-bodied song or two that you’d revisit more often. But then again, the album’s main theme is “death”. Maybe the songs are supposed to be cut off before you’re able to truly digest them.


Download: Fast Money Kill, Little ‘N’ Pretty, Patto Con Dio
For The Fans Of: Viet Cong, Cold Cave, Suicide

Release date 26.02.2016
Deathwish Inc.

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