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Written by: TL on 24/10/2007 23:34:45

Okay, so it would seem I'm not leading a review friendly life at the moment, and in effect I am hopelessly behind on work. To make up for it here's a review of June's "Make It Blur". A record I'm sure loads of people are jumping on top of each other to get to stamp with the "emo" label.

Now when you interview bands and ask them about genre's the answer you'll get 99.9% of the time is "Were only consider ourselves a rock band because rock is the only term that seem broad enough to cover everything we do". The funny thing about "Make It Blur" is that with this record it's exactly the opposite. I'm sure there's a bandwagon full of obsessive genre-fuckers out there who'd argue that June's emo - or pop punk - or pop rock - or alternative. Can it. The elements that compose "Make It Blur" are all so ordinary that rock is the only term that's blurry and well - lacking enough in distinguishable identity - to fit it. What we have is a bunch of tracks that are all so straightforward I'm hard pressed to find something smart to compare it too. It's all very catchy, not to anyone's surprise, as the hooklines are repeated and repeated again and again and then once more, so after very few listens you'll be able to sing along without problems.

I guess the essence of "Make It Blur" ends up being, that while it is so ridiculously boring and predictable in composition, lyrical and instrumental content and performance, there's still something about the end result that prevents it from collapsing entirely. Something that makes it work but nothing more. I guess you could get it if you don't have anything else to listen to right now as it is completely listenable, completely likeable, but also completely forgetable.


Download: No Time For Sense, Finally, I'd Lose Myself
For the fans of: Plain White T's, The Higher
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Release Date 07.08.07
Victory Records

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