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Written by: BV on 27/07/2016 14:03:44

I’ve followed Måneskjold for quite some time by now. Almost by their formation, I’d wager. Having seen them live quite a few times, I was beginning to feel that certain hunger for a studio album when a band you’re into still hasn’t released one. Well, it would seem that my wait is finally over as I sit here with my vinyl copy of “Kometen Kommer”, the band’s debut album released by the amazing Swedish label Kommun 2 in collaboration with Svensk Psyche Aften. Spanning six tracks it covers my some of my favorite songs and most of their current live repertoire (per my knowledge) and thus I have quite an expectation of what’s to come.

Opening with “Jordslået” and its up-tempo riff Måneskjold immediately take off into a territory full of energy – energy that I have become quite unfamiliar with over the recent year or so as I have gotten into more mellow and droning music for the most part. However, it’s a nice kick in the crotch, punch in the face or whatever floats your boat as it immediately sends you on that strangely fuzzy, quite punk-reminiscent space journey that “Kometen Kommer” actually is.

Now, at this point things get strange if you own a vinyl copy of the album, as the track list on the cover isn’t exactly accurate. A funny quirk, so for the sake of simplicity I’ll be referring to the track list on bandcamp for the remainder of the review. Thus, the next track is “Hun Bor I En Jernpyramide” – my personal definition of a space-punk hit if there ever was one; a set of cool lyrics, a fantastic hook and plenty of space to freak out – what’s not to like? It has long been one of my absolute favorite tracks to hear live and it is generally just awesome to hear how well that rambunctious energy has translated onto a studio recording – possibly explained by most of the album having been recorded live in a cabin in the woods, so it still has that specific live feel.

Whilst “Skov” is a great, almost meditative track, it is far more impressive to hear the meditation being shattered into pieces by “Bilspil”. Probably the most (awesomely) stupid track-title I have stumbled upon. However, “Bilspil” is much more than stupid. It is the essential soundtrack to acting like a fool, headbanging like you don’t give a fuck and increase the tempo of your beer-drinking. It’s fast, it’s slightly dangerous and, most importantly, it is almost 8 minutes of unbelievably fuzzy bass, hypnotic drumming and the sound of three guitars going bat-shit crazy. I genuinely cannot describe it in any other way, so you’ll most likely just have to give it a listen yourself.

“Kometen Kommer” is, perhaps, the most accessible track on the record by splicing the fucked up space-punk with an almost pop-rock-reminiscent hook. – Which just goes to show exactly how diverse an album this actually is, in spite of my general expectations of it being a non-stop space assault on my senses. Closing with “Dødsdrom” Måneskjold manages to do the exact right thing – they leave me wanting more. Even though it might be a hindrance in the grand scheme of things that all lyrics are in Danish, this is also what sets Måneskjold apart and gives them quite the bit of their charm. It just wouldn’t be Måneskjold without them – also the name would make far less sense. With that said, I highly recommend getting in on this unusually solid debut.

Download: Hun Bor I en Jernpyramide, Bilspil, Jordslået
For the fans of: On Trial, Hawkwind, Farflung
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Release date 12.07.2016
Kommun 2 / Svensk Psyche Aften

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