Prøv Lige at Forestille Dig Det

Written by: BV on 11/08/2016 18:01:15

Releasing two albums on the same day is a hell of a thing to do. Just look at this mayhem, when I have no idea what to write as the introduction to the second review of the same band – I just introduced the band. Well, no matter. This particular review revolves around Elevatorfører and the second of their 2016 studio albums, “Prøv Lige at Forestille Dig Det” – which most fans of Elevatorfører will probably view as a fairly cheeky title when you realize how long we’ve actually waited for a ‘proper’ Elevatorfører release and how hard it eventually became to imagine it actually being released at some point – the joke is on us, I guess.

While “Søvngænger” had that strange compilation feel to it, since many of the tracks are live favorites, “Prøv Lige at Forestille Dig Det” has a remarkably different vibe altogether. Featuring entirely new material, it comes off fresh and strange at the same time. When you’ve begun to associate a band with a certain set of songs, it becomes difficult to imagine them doing anything else – until it actually happens. No time is wasted on album opener “Fatamorgana” which not only boasts a very dynamic rhythmic drive, but also some cool guitar and organ sounds, combined with a remarkably straightforward set of lyrics. In my world it’s kind of a hit, although it probably won’t be topping any charts around Denmark any time soon. Nonetheless the chorus is one of the most memorable hooks I’ve heard in a Danish psych-related track since the release of Spids Nøgenhat’s “Kommer Med Fred” – and that’s saying quite a lot since that entire subset of genres has blossomed at a remarkable rate ever since that release (and before).

“Zargis Hotel” is possibly my favorite track on “Prøv Lige at Forestille Dig Det”. Whether it is down to the almost ingenious guitar work or the twisted sense of pop-melody surrounding the track remains uncertain to me, but it acts a direct hit to most of my senses whenever the track comes on. The constant rhythmic pulse of the bass and the drive of the drums move the track forward at what seems like a remarkable pace, even though everything actually sounds quite mellow. In other words it occasionally distorts my perception of time and tempo and I’m as of yet undecided as to whether or not that’s a good thing. It probably is though.

With “Centralen” Elevatorfører are doing something very bold indeed. I thought “Søsangen” (From “Søvngænger”) was a borderline epic in terms of duration, but 14 minutes might just be stretching it a bit too much. It’s bold and daring but I still believe it holds up better in the live situation (like at Copenhagen Psych Fest where it definitely worked). It seems like Elevatorfører are at their strongest with tracks like “Tæppet” and “Den Yderste Periferi”, whilst “Blomster og Sten” and “En Af Os” do very little for the overall impression. I’ve got to say though, releasing two great albums on the same day is something few bands could hope to do. Elevatorfører has succeeded at this and while it was a cool thing to do once, I beg the band to release just one album next time, within a more ‘reasonable’ timeframe than what led up to these two strange, quirky and delightful albums.

Download: Fatamorgana, Zargis Hotel, Den Yderste Periferi
For The Fans Of: Spids Nøgenhat, Fribytterdrømme, De Fortabte Spillemænd
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Release date 16.07.2016
Gateway Music

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