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Written by: MAK on 26/08/2016 15:24:50

British rockers Fallen to Flux have been trying to make a name for themselves non-stop since emerging onto the United Kingdom’s alternative scene in 2012. The quartet toured heavily during that time, and have two EPs already under the belt; the launch of one of them in 2015, “From the Outside, Looking in”, even packed out the 2,000-capacity Islington Academy in London.

Now the London-born act has unleashed its debut album “Transitions”, which undoubtedly pushes the boundaries that many of their fans were expecting the band to. What we have is a solid pop-rock album laced with catchy songs and massive hooks, all fuelled by a strong, uplifting atmosphere. Noticeably in comparison to older tracks such as “From the Outside, Looking in”, the heavier tone the band was previously recognised for has been sacrificed in favour of a fluctuating, yet theatrical pop-rock flow.

Oli Clipsham’s high-pitched vocals capture your attention as they are placed on top of crushing riffs and a mixture of softer melodies in “Transition I”. “Sane” then comes in with bouncy riffs and beats, in a manner almost identical to The Defiled’s “As I Drown”. It still gets your head bobbing, and soon the track unfolds the catchy nature mentioned just before. The riffs and vocal melodies in the chorus have you humming until you pick up on the words to sing along. And lead single “Anchored”, keeps that hooking vibe flowing with ear pricking, high pitched vocal melodies matched with huge distorted riffs — it is one of the true stand out tracks on the album. “Drifting” is a perfect name for the following song, as the tempo drops massively and you just drift through the soothing opening segment that then evolves into another epic and theatrical heavy rock piece. “Razor’s Edge” mimics that as another track that balances out the catchy high-intensity numbers by being a well-placed slow burner in the middle of the album.

Fallen To Flux continuously switches between songs destined to be hooking singles and some beautifully written epic masterpieces. The styles thrown in show influences from various eras and genres: I even sense some mid-00’s post-hardcore in the vein of The Used (if you take away the angst and aggression of that band) along with modern pop-punk and straight up British heavy rock.

Even though each song is great in its own right, “Transitions” as a whole is a grower. Initially, it didn’t hit hard; you could tell that there was a drive to make certain songs hooking enough to make it to radio-play, but at first it seemed forced. Naturally though, the longer you listen to them, the tracks become more appealing and you realise how awesome the instrumentation is and just how much Oli Clipsham’s voice carries each song.


Download: Transitions I, Sane, Razor's Edge
For The Fans Of: Don Broco, Deaf Havana, We Are The Ocean
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Release date 05.08.2016
Self Released

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