Travel In Time

Written by: PP on 10/11/2016 23:08:42

It takes more to write a good record than a couple of cheap rock'n'roll hooks. That much is clear from Superloader's debut album, "Travel In Time", which features an impressive lineup of ex-members of Danish rock bands on paper. Groups like Black City, Cherry Overdrive and Bullet Train Blast are represented, and sound wise the group lies somewhere in the vicinity of all three, and maybe Lucer if we are to draw a few more parallels.

The first couple of tracks are admittedly pretty good. "Travel In Time" and "Life", in particular, are fairly generic stylistically, yet churn out a few great vocal hooks to draw the listener in closer to the rest of the record. Unfortunately, here's where troubles begin. The lyrics are atrocious, starting from "Hey Mary lee have you ever used some time to think of me?" on the Nickelback-balladesque "Mary Lee", or the ultra cliché line about "gotta go after a girl with everything you've got" on another track- yawn. The songs aren't much better as we get past the first couple of tracks. "Mary Lee" is simply boring, and the acoustic guitar-driven "A Star For Me" with its retro mic styled vocals is regrettably forgettable. The melodies are predictable and lackluster to the extent that it's impossible to shake off the this is super generic feeling you get while listening to the record.

Despite a couple of catchy tracks mostly in the beginning ("Flying" later on is ok as well), "Travel In Time" is simply too unoriginal to be of interest to anyone but friends and family in the medium term. It's a classic case of a Danish band getting together to write a rock album just for the sake of writing a rock album, without the execution, charisma, and drive required to make it stick. How many records like "Travel In Time" by other Danish bands have we heard in the last two years alone? Way too many to count. How many of them generate excitement past the well-attended release party show? My point exactly. Like the vast majority of similar releases, "Travel In Time" is a standard fare bore fest that offers very little of value for the seasoned music fan seeking for even a drop of originality in their rock music fix.

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For the fans of: Black City, Cherry Overdrive, Bullet Train Blast, Lucer
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Release date 05.02.2016

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